Monday, March 22, 2010

Business Travel.

I think I have finally recuperated from life on the road: 14 hours and 1400 km of driving in 4 days. Peanuts, I know. I would not be cut out for this life. But, enduring occasional road-exhaustion falls under bandwife duties and responsibilities. I take my job seriously.

 [ just water, please. this is show #3. good girl. ]

The boys, in fact, had two extra days and many miles of road on me (I didn't bother with their first two shows). Alex has actually not managed to recuperate; he's been holding onto a nasty cough since the start of the tour. Soon, the guys will be embarking on a cross-Canada trip, playing in at least three times the number of cities. I'm not sure the old man will make it. But, maybe it only gets easier. For his sake, I hope that's true.

 [ I'd like to think that I keep him going. ]

A recap...

Thursday, March 11th - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rosa

 [ forgot my camera in Ottawa, so I can't take credit. Photo by: Olivier Leger ]

The boys opened for Electric Six for the entire tour. They are a "garage rock" band out of Detroit. While their music is not something I would typically go for, their live show is fantastic. I had my first dose in Montreal, where the stage banter and odd (but good-odd) antics of the front man had me captivated. Check out "Synthesizer" and "Gay Bar" - genuinely good tunes. But maybe only live...

 [ Electric Six's offbeat front-dude, "Dick Valentine" ]

Sweet Thing put on an amazing show (as usual) and much of the crowd appeared to actually be their draw. A mosh-like formation developed briefly, during a hearty performance of Dance Mother. Apres-show, we had late-night vegan burritos and beers across the street with my local friends, while the boys flew off on a poutine quest. 


Friday, March 12th  - Ottawa, ON - Mavericks

Another great night, with three bands this time. We were looking forward to this show, knowing we'd have a hometown draw.  Both Alex and I, as well as Owen, grew up in Ottawa. Unfortunately/fortunately, the show was sold out. Not for me, of course (I have rights!). My mother even squeezed in on the guest list, luckily. Band-mom-in-law perks. Some clever folks bought tickets in advance. Many of our friends missed out, though. 

I mistakenly sported my brand new paprika cut-out booties without the obligatory wearing-in exercise. Although I am typically helpful during load-out, I ended up sulky and blistered by 2 am, dreading another long day of driving and music at a hellish decibel. I was a disgrace to the bandwife title.

 [ respite in the Mavericks Green Room ]


Saturday, March 13th - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace

Final night of the tour, and also sold out! Again, our surprised friends missed out. Did I mention it was CMW? Getting tix to any show that week was a challenge, and 5 bands were on the bill at Lee's that night. I slipped in my usual Plus 1 at the 11th hour. Whew. Having a dancing partner means I am not relegated to the merch table. I broke in my David Dixon boots (I don't learn lessons. ever.) on the dance floor. The insanely packed dance floor, I might add. The place was jammed with an edgier-than-usual crowd for a Sweet Thing gig (Electric 6 has a surprisingly goth-esque fan base), but the energy was just as high. Great reviews followed here and here.

We capped off the night with a Post-Tour/Bye-Bye-Bunker Party in the basement of Tyler's building. The boys were saying goodbye to their unofficial back-up rehearsal space, as their way-nice superintendent friends moved on to bigger and better things. Before no-nonsense new management moved in, a proper bunker send-off was in order. 

Alex and I managed to stay up until 4am which might just be a record for my sleep-loving husband. I practiced my roundhouse kicks, and "played" the drums and felt (very, very briefly) a touch of divey-college-party nostalgia. 

 [ Morgan. Chick Magnet. Obvs. ]

Sunday, March 14th - Bed.


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