About Me

Bread & Butter: Social Media Maven at Shopify

Jam: Blogger | Top Dog/Designer at Dudley & Bea 

Beliefs: Manners, impractical underthings, make-believe, sarcasm

Truths: I have bruises on my knees and lipstick on my teeth.

Me: I prefer animals to people most of the time, even the ones that make me sneeze. My love of mascara is matched only by my affinity for power tools. When I'm not making love to my iPhone, I fill my time with designing dog coats, daydreaming about living over the rainbow, and documenting my self-sabotage on the internetz. I admit to being prone to road rage, but luckily I choose to bike.

Your Yoko: Start here. OK, done? So that's how it was born, but this little monster has grown. I married a music-man and then this happened. So it goes. But I couldn't abandon Yoko. She has her own identity now, much like the Yoko's very special post-John/Beatles self (and maybe mine is just as unstable). While I am no longer lamenting about dirty green-rooms and other band-wife woes, you'll still find a healthy dose of crafts, DIY projects, style (on a budget), messing up life, things I love on Etsy, colour inspiration, things that make me furious, things that make me squeal, and my adventures in starting over. 

Carmen Sandiego? I currently split my time between Candyland and Toronto, Canada.