Monday, March 15, 2010


Just recuperating after a 4-day mini Sweet Thing road trip. I missed their London and Waterloo shows, but made the trek to Ottawa, then Montreal and back to Toronto. A full debrief will follow, when I have more energy. The life of a bandwife is exhausting, you know. 

 [ tired feet - Maverick's green room in Ottawa ]

For now, I'll leave you with a style update: the much coveted pair of David Dixon boots are now all mine! Mom came through with retail therapy for my unemployment blues. I snagged a second pair, too, because Mom said I just had to have them. I couldn't argue. Both pairs came in handy this week to finish off perfect going-out outfits. 

So what if the guys unanimously agreed that my new footwear screamed dominatrix-meets-Medieval-Times?

My response can be summed up nicely via the name of a gorgeous grey nail colour by OPI: "You Don't Know Jacques!" (Thanks, Elena) 

[ my newest obsessions, both by David Dixon ]

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