Monday, September 12, 2011

Get outta my head!

I don't profess to be very ahead of the curve, musically. I married into music, but it hasn't rubbed off (yet). I still listen to songs I loved in high school and I "discover" new bands after the entire world already has.

So I found a couple of awesome songs this summer on the internetz (and via some of my more musically-cool friends), and for no good reason I'm compelled to create a playlist of great summer-y songs that are sticking in my head these days. Nostalgia for the days when Vicky and I used to tape Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots off the radio while tanning on my roof, maybe? The early 90s. Simpler times.

So, yeah. My (hypothetical/just-in-time-for-fall) summer 2011 mix-tape. A little old. A little new(-ish). A lot of nepotism:

  1. Morgan Cameron Ross, Let it Go - This dude is my dog walker. Only in movies, right? No really, he is. Even though he hangs with my pups every day, I wouldn't include him on this list if I didn't love his songs. And I do.
  2. Foster The People, Houdini - Yup, officially my favourite band of the moment. (Yes I know that they've been around like forevs. And they're everyone's fave. What did I tell you? I'm behind.)
  3. Brett Dennen - Comeback Kid (That's My Dog) - Found this baby all by myself (for once) and I'm in love. It's no secret that I love my red-heads, but this boy has serious talent, too.
  4. Marina and the Diamonds, Oh No! - Sadly, we missed the opener when we went to see Katy (my lady) Perry this summer. Tragically, the opener was Marina. I was a late-bloomer, but I seriously love this song. New single has addiction-potential too... Radioactive.
  5. Sweet Thing, Permanent Honeymoon - If you thought I was above including my husband in this list, you were wrong. This number isn't officially a Sweet Thing song since it hasn't yet been recorded, but I betcha this live-show fave will make it on album #2.
  6. Arkells, On Paper - More nepotism. But totally earned, though. I've practically watched these guys grow up (*exaggeration). Ahhh, Silver Dollar days. Love at first listen.
  7. Architecture in Helsinki, Escapee - I've been smitten with this song all summer thanks to my boss/former personal DJ. Thanks, Jamie! p.s. I miss you as my DJ.
  8. Hooded Fang, Laughing - Caught Hooded Fang at Hillside, one of this summer's highlights. Totally catchy and lovely.
  9. Oh No! Yoko, 90s Kids - I probably could have birthed these dudes. Found them via meddling on Twitter/Googling myself (err, Yoko) and think this song is totally fun even if I can't relate to the lyrics (I was born in the 70s).
  10. Eliza Doolittle, Skinny Genes - Scored a pre-released promo copy of Eliza's album in 2010 thanks to vicarious music connections. I've been humming this non-stop since last December.
  11. Phoenix, If I Ever Feel Better - Can I just say that I was a Phoenix fan long before the whole planet fell in love with Phoenix? I even introduced them to Alex. It's all I've got. Let me have this one. This is one of the great Phoenix oldies and I'm still not sick of it, summer after summer.
  12. Lisa Mitchell, Coin Laundry - Serious girl-crushing.
  13. Rural Alberta Advantage, In The Summertime - Maybe it's because I think Amy is super-duper cute. Or maybe it's because these kids have serious talent. Or maybe because I'm a prairies' kid, too. OK, it's all three. Either way, this might be a way older RAA song, but I'm still loving it.
  14. Brooke Fraser, Something in the Water - Very sweet.
  15. Maroon 5, Moves like Jagger - Guilty pleasure. Don't hate.
Hmmm, so I miss making mix-tapes. Miss Christmas has a mix-tape club. I might copy her. Who wants in? Secret handshakes!

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  1. Great list! Thanks for sharing. I'm in for mix-tape club. It'll have to be virtual drop-box style though. xxo