Monday, September 12, 2011


 I was the last person on earth (or at least at work) to get an iPhone. And at that, it was a hand-me-down. (No wait, Alex still has a Motorola Razr, so at least I'm the tech-savviest person in my house.)

So please just let me be excited about Instagram. Still. Yawnsville, right? But no, have you really tried to take a cool photo on your Blackberry? At least one that is immediately post-worthy? Not possible. So, in June, I retired my perfectly decent Curve (which I am in turn handing down to Miss. Oliveah), and became an iPhone-r for life. I was an easy convert, already being an Apple girl.

I just didn't know how much I would love it. 

So I'm anxiously awaiting the new model and hanging onto this still-better-than-Blackberry iPhone 3G (with fully disintegrated mute button and barely-working home button) in the meantime. Super excited to explore more photo apps once I have a phone with more guts!

I used Instagram a lot this summer - just you WAIT until I have front AND rear facing cameras - and realized that the result captured a nice little snapshot of my summer. Gotta say, I'm hauling my DSLR around a lot less these days...

Just wanted to share the highlights:

mojitos • puppies • music • friends near/far • sewing • antique scavenging • 
brunch • new shoes • poolside lounging • babies • cottages • coffee • travel • hubby dates • 
beers • reading • stopping to smell the roses... err, tiger lilies

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