Monday, September 5, 2011

Cougar Pillow Boots!


They're back, babies!

Oh how I coveted my mother's lovely pair from the 80s. Just TRY to find a vintage pair. I dare you.
C'est impossible. But those smart dudes over at Cougar decided to bring them back, with a modern twist, obvs.

I was fortunate enough to try them as soon as they launched, thanks to my new friends at Matchstick.

And, since Labour Day is a perfect time to retire my whites, I dug out some of my best fall pieces and set to work building outfits around my new footwear. Plus it actually FEELS like fall today, so I guess the wheels are in motion: winter is imminent. Luckily, I'm prepared.

I dug into my immaculately-packaged new Pillow Boots with fervor this morn, and plodded around the house in them, clad otherwise only in underwear and an over-sized tee. Not my best look. (But they feel like slippers, so why not?)

For a pretty serious pair of winter boots, these lovelies are actually still pretty sweet with skirts. It's the challenge I faced when, after avoiding proper cold-weather footwear since high school, I finally caved about 3 years ago. But finding boots that are warm AND still look pretty? Not easy, friends. I sprung for a pair of Pajars but I'm sure after three seasons of salt and dog-walking, they could use some back-up.

Am I actually excited for winter? No. But maybe I'm not as sad to say goodbye to summer and hello to the rapid decline into iciness.

What's your favourite look?


1. Cougar Pillow Boots with... Cropped jacket from Anthropologie, Dress by Leanimal, Leggings by J.Crew, Hat by H&M, Cardigan from Winners, Kaleidoscope necklace by Biko, Leg Warmers made by me!

2. Cougar Pillow Boots with... Skirt from Club Monaco, Coat by J.Crew, tights by FCUK, Sweater by Forever 21, Vintage Wayfarers by Ray Ban, Vintage Necklace.

Oh, and just in case you haven't had your fill of photos of yours truly...



  1. I love them with the Anthropologie jacket and Leanimal dress! OMG. Must get me a pair for back to school!

  2. I absolutely LOVE these boots ! Where can I get a pair?

  3. Where can I get myself a pair ?! :)

  4. So that's the pretty face behind Dudley & Bea!
    Love the boots.. and the outfits you make them work with