Monday, August 22, 2011

Keep Calm.

So you know I love playing dress-up, hey?

But I also like being prepared. Like, planning Halloween costumes in the Spring (OMG, IT'S AUGUST AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M BEING!!!!! AHHH!).

Ahem. So yeah, my commitment to attend Fake Prom Goes To War went forgotten for a few weeks, until I realized this Monday that I need a costume for this Friday! Uh-oh. I take costumes very seriously. With only 3 days to spare (and a pretty packed week), I'm scrambling to find awesomeness in my tickle trunk (um, Rubbermaid costume bin) and my fruitful, high-yielding closet.

My pops was in the air force for 30 years + and I'm sure he'd have some awesome artifacts hanging about. But he's in Ottawa. I didn't plan this right.

It's in my blood on both sides, actually:

Grandma (Dad's side)

Popsy. (Mom's side)

So, I should have this in the bag.... But what version of wartime-chic should I emulate? Pin-up babe? Sexy fighter pilot? Wizard of Oz Soldier Monkey? War nurse? Mourning war widow?

If money and time were no object (which they are) these are some awesome options:

army-green corset, elizabeth and james $255

Think Sgt. Pepper. Alexander McQueen $1335 (*gulp*)

Ammo. Biko $69

Plane-jumpin' pants. marlene birger $100

Waiting for the baby boom.

Serious hardware. ash $170

Recognition. ModCloth $17

Sea Legs. Biko $75

Alas, I am (nearly) penniless and just about out of closet room anyway. So I'll make do with what I have...

Ophelie military inspired chapeau. A must.

J.Crew cargo pants. OK, obvious?

Or, Club Monaco Fleur de Lis skirt. A Stretch?

Distressed Wilfred bustier top. Good, solid wartime underthings.

Vintage chain brooch ("war decoration"):

Biko Kaleidoscope (spyglass!) necklace. Not as perfect at Corrine's anchor or bullet necklaces, but it'll do.

OK, I can do this, right? It'll be a bit of a hodge-podge hybrid, but totally doable with just my closet. Just need to top it all off with some good temp tattoos (I heart mom!), maybe a dash of camo and a good dose of discipline.

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