Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I can't be trusted.

So I own my first pair of legit sunglasses in my history of forever. That is: a pair that costs more than $20 and was not a swag hand-me-down from a coworker (like my last pair). 

I can't really be trusted with expensive things. Or white things. Or anything made of silk. Mainly due to clumsiness and absentmindedness. I've managed to sit on/drop/lose/scratch almost every pair I've ever owned. (Can you believe this girl?!)

Don't ask me about the circumstances under which I ended up becoming the accidental owner of an awesome pair of vintage tortoise shell Ray Ban Wayfarers. The story is a bit embarrassing. Nonetheless, these beauties are now in my charge. Of course, my usual sunglass-care routine (err, throwing them in the bottom of my purse and/or storing them in a scratchy antique can) simply won't do. 

It's time to invest in (or make!) a proper vessel for my new shades.

I'm currently loving these...

1. By now, if you've been a longtime fan of this blog (basically, you're my mom), you know that I have a lady-boner for anything touched by Jonathan Adler. These needlepoint cases are just divine. ($42)

2. I also love the coin-purse style cases by The Zakka on Etsy ($24-30)

3. ...and these budget-friendly beauties from Topshop ($12):

4. The soft-sided nature of the last three worries me slightly, although I do love the low-bulk feature. Extreme klutz-risk deserves extra protection, though. I might opt for a hard case. Something blingy, maybe, like this one by River Island?

5. Or, if I had myself a pretty little money tree, this one by Smythson ($160 on sale for $95):

Either way, I'm as obsessed with these babies as I would be with a small injured bird, or my first born. Gah. It's the reason my never-over-$20 rule existed in the first place. I'm a nervous wreck. I need some serious padding between my new shades and my destructiveness. I may try my hand at making a decent case. I'm back on the sewing wagon after a summer of neglect.

It's a race against time. In the meantime, I'm so super smitten with them that I'm even wearing them indoors. Not really. But it's not a bad idea: at least they're safer on my face.


  1. You get your reckless attitude towards glasses from your mother I'm afraid. I've never lost a pair, but I've seriously maimed many. I finally bought a pair of non-Walmart glasses that cost significantly more that $15, to force myself to grow up and become a responsible glasses owner. Someday I will need REAL glasses to SEE with, and the training will come in handy.

  2. Hey, day, you could get a little canvas pouch and draw on it. could be sweet

  3. I'm the same way! I've shrank many a wool sweater, shredded many a silk blouse, and stained many a white anything. I just trusted myself with a nice pair of D&G sunglasses. Shall we start a pool on who breaks their shades first? Good luck to us both :)