Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Gets at the OOAK Spring Show

I popped into the Spring One of a Kind Show Friday after Fashion Week stuff. Eh, I was in the neighbourhood. Thought I'd check out possible future competition (in pet goods, there wasn't much), say hi to some friends in the handmade world, and do a little window shopping. 

So maybe the OOAK Christmas show is a bit ambitious for me this year, but I think I might be able to handle the low(er) key vibe of the Spring show. OK, setting goals. Good. Dudley & Bea OOAK launch - Spring 2012. Eeek!

In the meantime, I think I can swing some smaller Christmas shows in 2011 (City of Craft, etc.). Gotta see how this full-time job thing is going to cut into production time. I suspect a lot. That's why I have a marginally-employed husband to do my bidding, though, right? He's an excellent tracer and cutter.

Anyway,  while I haven't entirely loved the OOAK line-up in years past, there are always a few gems.  And just inhaling the entrepreneurial fumes is inspiring and energizing for me.

Today (Sunday) is the last day of the show, and I highly recommend hitting these 12 booths while you're there:

La creme de la creme of OOAK Spring '11:

  1. Comme Ca - felt laptop cases and dossiers - Booth K40
  2. Lover Fighter by Joanna Baxter - vintage chain and leather necklaces - Booth O45 (A fellow bandwife, of sorts - we both share our husbands with music. Oh, and she makes pretty things, too!)
  3. Urban Tree Salvage - reclaimed wood serving platters - Booth K22
  4. Girl Can Create - original vintage-inspired mixed-media art and prints - Booth J09
  5. Hugo Didier pottery - "not made in china" mugs and "p'tite poutine" bowls - Booth I45 (clever and oh-so cute!)
  6. Jenna Rose - "Anatomy of a bike" scroll fabric wall hanging - Booth H04
  7. Hoi Bo - waxed cotton satchel - Booth H24 (My next serious splurge!)
  8. Atelier LAF - chicken foot pendant necklace - Booth G23
  9. Cha Cha - violet mini leather bucket bag $115 - Booth E54
  10. Shuyu Lu - Embroidered textile art - Booth E29
  11. Matter - natural baby suncream $18 - Booth (My only purchase of the day - "physical block" sunscreen that isn't goopy AND smells amazing? sold.) E04
  12. Biko - Adoria Necklace $175 - (*swoon* I love this piece! And, I love this girl! Corrine is so bloody nice - buy her stuff!) J12

[ images, from top via: Biko, ChaCha, Hoi Bo, Hugo Didier, Joanna Baxter, Shuyu Lu & Comme Ca ]

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  1. Hey Dayna,

    Check out this craft fair happening in Hamilton. I don't know when the deadline is to apply but your stuff would be great for it! It's the first year for this little project of theirs and all of the info on the fair is here: