Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Fashion Week has come and gone. Really? Did I blink? Such fun. OK, I'm kind of lying. Well, perhaps it would have been fun, had I not been clenching my teeth together (a reaction to anxiety) the entire time. I feared botching blogTO's coverage. But I'm over it. I'm not even going to read the comments. And a few of my quasi-journalist peers were at least complimentary. (Oh, and p.s. my OR by Angela Chen review is up!)

[ photo by blogTO partner-in-swag-crimes, Dennis Marciniak ]

But if LGFW was a triple-layer buttercream-iced gateau with spun-sugar bows (yum-yum-yum!), this week is a Kellogg's Pop Tart in comparison (ho-hum). OK, melodrama is one of my (non-resume-worthy) skills but if I was really exaggerating, I would have said Wonder Bread. At least I'm tossing in a little strawberry(ish) filling.

[ ummm, too early to renew my vows? ]

I am waking up at six. I am commuting over an hour in each direction. I have a physical in-box. The office coffee isn't free. It's not all bad, though, and I have some seriously exciting career-news to share shortly (yes, more changes), so I'll survive.

In the meantime, I'm going to need to find time in the non-working-hours for me-me-ME. It's all about balance.

Oh, and planning!

And follow-through!

Oh my. I need to rediscover my organized self after a year of making my own schedule and keeping late hours. I need to be that super meticulous and "together" person that I am in my head. Putting it to practice is challenging, but in the works:

 [photo via: Things Organized Neatly ]

I have:
  1. Organized closet into "work" and "play", and by type (skirts, blouses...); purged fugliness = easier coordination of outfits while half-asleep
  2. Committed to night showers = shaving a good 20 mins off of my morning routine (and not waking Alex with the blowdryer)
  3. Bought new tupperware = making healthy lunches in advance, reducing risk of meals built around expired desk-pudding
  4. Sorted out commuting activities (my NY Times Crossword book, that Vonnegut novel that Alex recommended, that small biz book that I still haven't read) = productivity during new-found idle time
  5. Bought new work bag (well, mum did) = room for #3 and #4
  6. Broke news gently to affected parties = Alex is aware of his new housewife role, and is adapting nicely (his Tuesday involved dog-poo management and laundry)
  7. Google mapped every possible route to work = saved myself $5 per day (and several calories) by adding a 20-minute walk (albeit through a woodsy/industrial area, frequented, I can only assume, by search parties, rapists and various victim-types)
  8. Bought actual alarm clock radio that is not my phone, despite overwhelming ugliness = lowered sleep-in potential and increased waking-up-to-Shakira potential

I'll stop now before I "accidentally" spill the beans. Oh, and because it's 8pm and I need to be in bed soon.

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