Friday, April 1, 2011

LG Fashion Week

So, Alex is away yet again ("1st Wife" business), and I've been busy-busy with Fashion Week stuff - I'm co-covering it this year for blogTO. Gotta say, I felt like a bit of a phony getting front row seats at almost every show. Sitting among real journalists. Scribbling madly. I haven't mastered the art of just watching and absorbing, taking the odd note. Nope, I need to record EVERYTHING. I suppose it's helpful for my first real run (my LGFW experience is limited to volunteer work and guest tickets). I only took on six shows this time, and my reviews are posted on the blog:

OR by Angela Chen - coming soon!

I'd share highlights, but really? Do I have to double my work? Read! (The Chloe Comme Parris piece is probably my best of the bunch)

(Diva moment coming on)

Beefs: The media "lounge": would it kill to have slightly more of a barrier from the chaos? Oh, and I will never consume another Special K product again! OK, maybe I will. I did score 3 free boxes of cereal this week. I just might need a break. Show times: get it TOGETHER, people. Waiting over an hour past the scheduled time for a show to start? Not fashionable.


Seriously loved it though. Good commotion, awesome people-watching, great design. Also, these people are so the-bomb for keeping me company this week, too: Mona (the best thing to happen to street style since, uhh, streets?), Dennis (moral supporter and teacher in the art of getting good free stuff), and Karolyne (Toronto Life intern, fellow front-row gossiper, and streetcar sidekick). Big love.

I was lucky to be able to negotiate a later start-date for my new day job, so that I could cover the shows. It's funny that I still don't feel very legit, even though I've been a regular contributor to blogTO for a whole year. I'm hoping I can keep it up while I'm finally employed. Balance, baby. 

p.s. I was caught by street style photogs today in my WORST outfit of the week. Really? Really? You couldn't have snapped me Wednesday in my adorable green pants and my very favourite shoes and my polished top-knot? Nope - H&M dress and bad hair. Ugh. Kinda hoping I get cut. 

Photos by Istoica, via blogTO.

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