Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Outta here!

[ Sweet Thing soundchecks for Strombo, and I'm there! ]

Alex is gonzo. Glad it's this week and not last week when i was in the middle of meltdown central. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

 [ via Justin Blyth ]

Last week, he did all of the following:

  • sweeping
  • dishes
  • dog walking
  • breakfast-making
  • sanity-keeping
  • sympathy-doling

It was nice.

Now I'm on my own. I hired back our old dog walkers just to ease the burden this week. My pups are lovely but they are a big gigantic handful. Make that two.

But, well, he's gone for a very good reason. And I'm kind of getting used to this tour business now. I don't even cry anymore. I replace his space in the bed with extra pillows and two dogs (roughly resembling his shape under dim lit conditions), and go on with my life.

Sweet Thing is heading West to break more hearts and win over more radio big-wigs. I just can't quite understand why they're not ridiculously famous yet. Someone mustn't be doing their job. I mean, REALLY. (shut up, I am not biased)

Last night they slept in my home town - Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Yessiree, they did. Jealous. I said that they should go have coffee with Shannon or breakfast at Smitty's or a stroll in Island Park or tea with the Bird family. 'Cause that's what I would have done. But they're on a beeline for the coast, and I imagine that they probably didn't stay for sightseeing. There's not much to it unless you have nostalgia, anyway.

[ my old house, via GoogleMaps Street View ]

It's pretty rad that they're opening for Metric - their first stadium show! The tour opener is another  Down With Webster gig, then they'll be headlining it back across the country. They're playing another of my hometowns, Ottawa, on the last leg. (I was a military brat. "Home" is subjective) You can see the full list of shows here.

Oh, and I mentioned these two amazing videos on FB and Twitter, but thought I'd remind you again. If you missed the performance on George Strombolopoulos Tonight, you can watch it here

Aaaaand, Change of Seasons is featured in the trailer of a new Rachel McAdams/Harrison Ford/Diane Lane flick. Check out the trailer here.
[ still from Morning Glory ]

Also, stay tuned for a NEW video, possibly the best yet. I saw a rough cut, because those are the perks of bandwifedom, obvs. This is a hilarious still from the shoot:

[ via Sweet Thing on Facebook ]

Whew. Mouthful. I'm off to soak in the bath (definitely), eat something sensible for dinner (maybe) and then head out to cover an event for blogTO. 


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