Friday, November 12, 2010

3 Things.

 [collar/photo by me, Dudley & Bea]
I have puppy love this week, mostly because I am sooo thankful to have my two babies here while Alex is gone. I grew up in a chaotic (but happy) house, and silence is too weird. Note: the chaos was caused by me 90% of the time. 

(Side note to my mother: I was watching Intervention this week, and a family was being interviewed about their daughter who was the addict and subject of this particular episode. Her mother said: "She was the most exhausting person I had ever met. Even as a child." HAHAHA! I thought of you. :)

So, yeah, I love the chaos created by two terriers. Even if I do complain occasionally. So, this week's edition of my favourite 3 Things is devoted to critters.

Verameat jewellery. She has so many pup-themed pieces and I am coveting the Terrier Ring. (*hint, hint*). Select items are available at Rac Boutique in Yorkville. 

TWO ••
Dog Gadgets! A few years ago, I ordered a heated dog bed (I know, I know) from Hammacher Schlemmer, a weird online/catalog company that Alex's brother loves. Dudley hated the bed. But ever since, they have been mailing me catalogs. They have some pretty amazing stuff (gadget-y useful/useless inventions like the always-cool pillow, and remote-controlled beverage cooler on wheels) but two particular items made me laugh hysterically. I love my dogs, but come ON! Introducing: the Dogbrella and the Canine Twitterer. What? (Don't forget to order gift-wrapping :P)

Dennis Marciniak. Dennis is my blogTO friend (he makes me look really, really good when he shoots for my posts) and I found so many great animal shots on his personal site, I had to share. Check out his site daily - there's a new photo every day!

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