Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Magic numbers.

[Me n' Mr.Dudley. Totally pose-y. photo: Mark Hatfield]

I should be blogging for blogTO right now, but I feel like blogging for me. Maybe that's because my blogTO working hour-count for last week was 93. NINETY-THREE! Yup, and I still only managed to get 11.5 stories completed. Serious burning of midnight oil. Another magic number: 16. That's how many posts I'm supposed to be writing each week. 

Let's do some simple math:

11.5 is to 93 as 16 is to x
So, x= (16x93)/11.5
Therefore, x=129.4

Ah, I friggin' love math. It's just so logic and unchanging. There's something kind of reassuring about it. Have you seen this, by the way?


Anyway, back to the equation: so, in conclusion, I have to work 129.4 hours per week to make quota?!? Not happening. Last Monday, the only thing I ate was a stale blueberry scone. While walking. I don't have to tell you that we're back at the drawing board. But I will keep you posted on my results from week 2, and the re-negotiations. New job = death (so far), but this week I'm not going to kill myself over it. Promise. I expect that my story-count will be much lower. Yikes. Check out what I've been up to here.

In good news, I am liking the job despite clearly unreasonable expectations. In even better news, Dudley & Bea has been getting a ton of interest lately. Party just from people randomly finding me on Etsy and partly from a post that just went up on the site of CBC's Steven & Chris! Check it out here. Yup, all of that sewing has paid off. Make this pillow with step-by-step instructions (by me)! Look, I even did my nails for you.

The sad thing is that I obviously have ZERO time to devote to making more puppy sweaters and dog bowls, even with all of the interest. I need balance. Hopefully by my next blog, i will have some. Turning down retailers just KILLS me! Isn't this what I've wanted??

Oh yeah, and toats random: remember how Dudley and I "modeled" for some iStock photographers at PawsWay last month? No. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Yeah, we did. Anyway, I thought it would be a good way to get shots of my product (professional ones). A few have come in and this is a sample, along with the one at the top:

[photos by Mark Hatfield, not to be used/reproduced]

Anyway, I really do have to go now. I'm writing a couple of time-sensitive event pieces so I should get them done tonight. One is a profile on blog-girl about town, Raymi the Minx. Going to her big 10-year party on Thursday, too. Ooh, something social. Much needed because Alex is outta town again. More on THAT excitement/travesty later.


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