Monday, November 8, 2010

3 Things.

Three lovely things that caught my eye this week... Scottish-inspired beauty accessories, whimsical bathroom decor, and handcrafted online shopping:


Tartan cosmetic bags by MAC. The sales lady told me that I couldn't buy them separately (they come filled with product for eyes or lips, or a set of brushes). Since I don't need any of the contents, I'll just love them from afar. Bonus: the larger cases can be used as purses!


TWO ••

Amy Butler towels. On one of my blogTO store visits this week, I breathed in the gorgeousness of a new Queen Street shop called Jacob & Sebastian (my review will be on the site shortly). There, I found lots of eco-friendly beauty wonders. I also fell in love with these colourful and fun towels by textile goddess, Amy Butler. They're the kind of thing I'd have if I were a single girl (Alex would never permit them). They're fluffy and remind me of the 70s towels we used to have in my house when I was a kid, although these are obviously way-modern. I think they're perfect for a kids' bathroom or a summer house (y'know, if you have either of these things).


Beehive Co-op. This is a curated, simplified Etsy. And of course, you know how much I looooove Etsy (it hosts my very own little shop). However, Etsy can be oversaturated with crap sometimes, and you have to dig to find the great things. I was contacted by Beehive this week as they were interested in my pet stuff (yay!) but I'm holding off for January when I think I may have more time for my little biz. My new job is craaaaazy. Beehive has a select number of handmade artists (never more than 200 at a time) so clearly I was thrilled to be contacted. Check it out for some great one-of-a-kind holiday finds!

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  1. I love those bags! I tried to buy one too - no luck!