Friday, October 29, 2010

3 Things.

I wanna blog today soooo badly. I have much to share! But I'm so ridiculously swamped. More CBC sewing. Writing two event reviews for blogTO. Starting AND finishing my Halloween costume. Cleaning up the disaster created by all of the above. *gulp*

Instead I'll just post a few great things from this week.

one •

Clearly Contacts. I know, I know I was in a bit of a foul mood about the site crashing during their 10000 FREE promotion, but I eventually got through and ordered a new pair of specs for me, and for Alex! Free! Pretty great site, and some awesome styles for under $100 including lenses. I was debating between all of these:

...and settled on these:

two ••

Bikram Yoga! Dawn turned me on to this and I love it! New fitness plan = bikram 4 times/week. I FINALLY canceled my gym membership after a bout of bad customer service from Extreme Fitness. I've been inactive this week due to overwhelming busy-ness, but next week I'm getting my act together! (that's Damien on the left! he deserves co-credit)

three •••

Wolford leg wear. Mmmm! I love sexy under-things. Secret prettiness. Of course, I have no occasion to wear such luxurious hosiery. Someday... (oh, I just loooove the first photo).

[ images c/o Wolford, Bikram Yoga Toronto, Clearly Contacts, Leo Lam ]

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  1. oh. my. god. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the tip off on the fabulous find!

    great blog btw