Monday, October 25, 2010

Too legit. (hey-hey!)

Wanna know how I turned a hobby/not-so-real job into a legit career? OK, well, I'd share but I don't exactly know how it happened myself. I guess doing what you love (the best parental advice I ever received, and am only now following) just works out because if you are so obviously passionate about something, someone is bound to notice.

So, yup, I'm finally sharing my news! Remember how potential good news had to be kept a secret because I was worried about it falling through? It's confirmed now, and I can open my fat mouth! Finally. *whew* I am sooo bad at my own secrets.

 [ big mouth. ]

As of November 1st, I will be officially working FULL TIME for blogTO!  Yup, what was really meant to be just a side project and fun thing to keep me busy during job hunting has turned into an actual career! I am so thrilled that my work for the site was noticed! I guess it shows when you really love something! I am loathe to call myself a journalist (huge overstatement and insult to ACTUAL journalists) but at least now when I pretend to be one, I'm actually being paid! Yee haw! You can see my work-to-date here. Lots and lots more to come!

The challenge? I am going to be BUSY and will probably have to build a social life into my schedule - ie. if you want to hang out with me, you have to do it at a bar I'm reviewing or be my plus one at an event I'm covering. That's reality for me now.

I also have to make SURE to make time for Dudley & Bea. I'm actually getting a lot of interest from bloggers (like this one - see my water bowls featured here!) and retail shops with the line so far! I've only sold two items, but granted, I haven't advertised and my shop is pretty small. I am hoping to devote 8-10 hours a week to it, which will be more feasible when A. Alex is on tour and B. I get into the swing of my new job. I MUST learn to be super organized all over again (I slipped quite a bit while in unemployed sloth mode).  

Speaking of my ever-crafty DIY world, doing what I love and am good at has paid off in another way (this is "good news" item #2). Through a weird Twitter encounter, I met some lovely CBC producers from the Steven & Chris show. We've been chatting for a while but nothing had really panned out. Until now. On a recent Web Wonder Woman segment with Jamey Ordolis, I did some back-end sewing/crafting to make demo items for the show! This week, my projects will be featured on a step-by-step demo on the show's website with photos of me making them! Well, my hands, at least. Alex and I sat in the audience at the show today, and the pillow and placemat I made were featured. The episode will air Thursday at 2pm EST! Watch! They're actually doing a giveaway of some of the pieces I've made. Annnnd, I hear that Steven loved the pillow and will be keeping it for his own office! I hope to work with the show again in the future. Stay tuned!

 Strangely enough, Alex and I will be BACK at the CBC building tomorrow, as the boys of Sweet Thing will be taping a performance for George's new show, George Strombolopolous Tonight. Gotta admit, I'm kinda over having to attend every single show/performance/whatever related to Sweet Thing (not that I'm over the band, or my "duties" as cheerleader, just all of the standing around), but I love George and it IS a pretty big deal for them. The performance will air on the show sometime soon, likely on a Friday. I'll sneak a few photos of the behind-the-scenes action and share soon!

 Since this week is going to be BONKERS for me (massive to-do list before I start crazy full-time work), I might be posting less frequently, but I'll be sure to write a "3 Things" and a "My High School Diary" post.


Your Yoko

[ i'm THIS happy. ]


  1. Awesome Dayna - congrats! And get that hippie to shave his beard.

  2. Hey Dayna! Hope you have been well. I have been a bad, bad girl and not keeping up with my band news as I should, but I was excited last nite to hear "Change of Seasons" on a commercial for a new movie! (LOL I was so happy I forgot what the darned movie was even called!)
    I'm from Chicago, IL, so it's not something I get to hear on TV every day!
    Anyway I love reading your stuff, and oh yeah--CONGRATS to you as well on your new job-you will seriously rock, you are an amazing writer!
    xo take care, my best to you and the guys!

  3. So much good news, congrats! Dream job!