Sunday, October 17, 2010

3 Things.

OK, it's not Wednesday yet, but I already have three things to love this week! 


Dolce Vita shoes-shoes-shoes! They're actually affordable. Y'know, for people who have real jobs (my shoe-money these is limited to getting the heels fixed on last year's purchases).

So maybe I'm a tad tall for 5" platforms. "...and I want to be 5'10" like Cindy Crawford." (Clueless) Be careful what you wish for, sister. I'm pushing 6'3 in some of these babies. Whatever, I could pull off 6'3", right? They're too, too yummy. ATTTTTAAAACK of the 50 Foot Woman!

TWO ••

Gelaskins "Peeking Under Leafs" skin. I need a skin for my newly inherited Powerbook, to keep it scratch-free for the day when Joey might need it back. Honourable mentions to: "Kurumachi" and "Toxicity". Ok so actually, I can't decide. Also, problem: the laptop I have is 15" and they seem to only have 12" skins for Powerbooks. Hm.


Fall! Ahhh, cool weather, crunchy leaves, scarves and saturated colour! And... Halloween! And... the Royal Winter Fair. Oh, and we were married in the fall and it was lovelier than words can describe. Yeah, so obviously, I looooove this season.

[ photos:,, and the lovely Courtney Price (wedding), all others by me/Alex ]

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