Monday, October 4, 2010

Good, good things!

I have news.

But I can't tell you. Argh. Oversharing would be detrimental, considering my news is only probable/most-likely rather than fully confirmed. To share now would mean extra super-duper heartbreak for me if it didn't happen. I must not get my hopes up. I should know definitively about both job-related news items in a matter of days. But for now: ziiiiip!

We have been laying low lately - Alex had two shows last week, and I've been extra productive with all of my millions of sewing/writing/job-hunting/dog-petting tasks. My "Best Sex Shops in Toronto" post went up this week. Check it out here. Gotta say, I hope my family/in-laws DO NOT read it, as it definitely has some anecdotal parts that are best left a mystery to those folks. But, *sigh*, my mother has probably already read it twice.

Miss M and I checked out Girl and Boy: A 90s Dance Party at Clinton's on Friday. While fun, I admit that post-dancing nightcaps at her house were much more so. A product of oldness? No pics to remember it by, but the taste of Sweet Tea vodka still lingers. Have you tried this? It's fantastic! Especially with Ginger Ale. Oh wait, I did take ONE photo, in the bathroom stall at Clinton's:

Graffiti warning: " Halloween is on its f*cking way. Pick your costume." A harsh reminder that I do NOT have a Halloween costume yet. Not even a clue! Alex and I are usually on this by August. We love playing dress-up. Sadly, we may have to be ghosts, or something equally as cheap to pull off. Our usual $100 budget ain't happening.

So we didn't do ANYTHING for Nuit Blanche. Are we pathetic or what? But really, I found the whole thing to be so underwhelming for two years in a row, and we were exhausted. So Indian Food and movies won out. Of course. Predictable.

 [ via ]

Oh, and another good thing: Alex and I spent Sunday the way Sundays SHOULD be spent: ghetto-breaky at Future Bakery (the site of our very first date) followed by lazy strolling/biking/window-thrift-shopping. Alex bought the most amazing Ben Sherman jacket with a Winners credit note he had from ages ago, and we traded in clothes at Common Sort. I managed to score 75 buckeroos in store credit and Alex opted for cash. I spent 12 of mine on a western-style floral shirt. Sooo pretty. Lots of spending "money" left for some good fall thrift shopping. This is really the only shopping I can do lately! Check out my BlogTO review of Common Sort here

[ Common Sort by Dennis Marciniak ]

We ended our weekend with shrimp quesadillas and a few episodes of Mad Men on Netflix. Ahhh, good times!

Killing time now before bootcamp. I should have been on a date with Cathie, but we opted to cancel because of rain. Biking to Exhibition Place from my house in the rain was not my idea of a swell time. Nope. Although I'm a tad bummed to miss the TFI Pop-Up Designer Sale. It was one-day-only. Might have been depressing to not be able to spend anyway.

That's news, folks. Until I can spill the REAL beans, of course.

In Sweet Thing Land, the boys have a few odd shows planned here and there, and there has been some chatter about the next single/video, but it's otherwise unusually quiet (for now). The biggest piece of excitement is a stadium show with Metric next month! Yay! We're crossing our fingers to hear more good news about some show/tour dates for later this year... stay tuned.

In the meantime, I swiped this eye candy from Much Music's site (Tyler and Owen serving lemonade at a charity event last month):

Yup, that's all.

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  1. Sometimes when I see pictures of Owen or even Tyler I forget that I don't have crushes on them. haha!

    where did you get the Indian food from??