Sunday, October 10, 2010

Babes who brunch.

Joey, our long-gone friend stolen from us by Corporate America, was up for the long weekend (via Vegas, then NYC). Toronto is lucky to have her back. Even for a few days. We brunched and beered on Friday.

Meredith says that she understands my plight. The lost-favourite-food-joint plight, that is. Like, if Aunties and Uncles closed, it would be akin to my Nataraj loss. OK. She does spend at least one breakfast a week at the place. And Friday was her second day in a row this week. Let's hope she doesn't end up an orphan like me. I love this place, too. I generally dislike the massive line-ups for tables, though. I guess Aunties isn't closing anytime soon. We all had breakfast tacos. It seems I'm always craving something Mexican-inspired these days.

That was kinda my favourite part of LA, actually. 

We were attempting "soft palettes" for natural looking photos. Ha! It's advice via M's acting world. I don't think we understood. Nonetheless, my aren't we just so natural?!


Sunday morn. Me and Mister are splurging on Starbucks for breaky (yeah, sadly it's a splurge) and walking the THREE dogs this morn. I then have blogTO biz to attend to and Thanksgiving dinner to make/attempt. Owen of dreamboat lead-singer quasi-fame is our orphan this eve. I will try my darndest to overcome that incredible metabolism of his and put some meat on that boy. Turkey pot pies for the boys, and veggie for me. Mmmm.

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