Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where in the WORLD?!

Yeah, sorry, MIA. So where have I been all week? Catching up with my long-lost Mister, of course! Oh, and: job interviews, BlogTO business, sewing, celebrating, pretending to care about politics (more ranting about this later), bootcamp, and watching endless amounts of Mad Men, Hoarders and LA Ink on Netflix (yay). 

And, Alex had a Toronto show this week - the last one of their recent tour, at the Phoenix. I, still coming down from my camera scare, left the poor girl at home and didn't snap any photos of the event. Soo, I had to swipe Sweet Thing fan photos from Facebook to share (*yoink!*). Here are a few good ones from across the country:

 [ c/o Jesse Coker ]

 [ c/o Laura Sheppard ]

 [ c/o Justin Chin ]

 [ c/o Sarah Bradley ]

 [ c/o Justin Chin ]

 [ c/o Erin Deli ]

[ c/o my gorgeous date, Vicky ]

[ ...and a video! c/o Sarah Bradley ]

Speaking of Ms. Sarah Bradley, she's a fellow girl-about-blogs that I finally had the pleasure to meet (albeit too briefly) in person at the Phoenix show. I suppose I need more flesh-and-blood friends, over the www variety. It gets me out of the house. And you know I love my house.

After the Phoenix, Vicks and I headed to the GelaSkins 5-Year Anniversary party (where my music-man met us later). The owners and brains behind the operation are friends of ours, c/o our lovely long-time friend that just happens to be shacked up with one half of the duo.

SO happy to spend time with a small representation of my old high-school crew (and some of my best friends of LIFE). Philam and Andrew even came up from Montreal. The party was swankier than most weddings (cha-ching!), and included a live band (a new favourite of mine! Check out The Pass), and a midnight poutine bar! I admit that I saved myself for it. I didn't even touch any of the ample yummy snacks up for grabs earlier. I may or may not have had 3 poutines. They were small! And I shared #2 and #3. Sort of.

Again, my camera rested from her traumatic swim, and I had to steal FB pics from my friends:


 [ photos c/o D.Laing, P.Nguyen, V.Chabot and Shawn Gillis ]
I'm currently gathering "research" for my newest BlogTO post: Best Sex Shops in Toronto. Yeah, I'm just happy this one isn't related to carbs and fat! Loving this piece. My last post is up, too: a store profile for Common Sort Parkdale. 
Oh, and the interview? At Sears Corporate again. Three times a charm? This one wasn't as terrible as the last two and I think I may have a shot! Waiting for a follow-up... *fingers crossed*.

Alex is off to 2 back-to-back shows this week: tonight, supporting Down With Webster in Brantford, and tomorrow, a private radio listener cruise in Kingston. I won't be tagging along for either. Getting him out of the house means productivity for me. I have so, so many new pet goodies to upload to my new little online shop soon! Can't wait to show you!

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