Monday, September 20, 2010

Another one like this.

Just another dose of verbal diarrhea from yours truly. Nothing substantial/important/exciting to write about but I just need to share randomness.

I STILL haven't checked to see if my camera survived the little swim she took last week. Tomorrow, I've decided, my little heart will be able to handle the news - good or (most likely) bad. She's still lying in a box of rice. Like a mini coffin. Hm, I'm being so uncharacteristically "glass half empty", right? Will report back.

 [ I clearly need this (horrifically unsightly) contraption. via ]

I had two job leads today - calls in to some HR contacts. But, I do have to fire out a few more resumes tomorrow. I need to step it up. EI is so not cutting it, and dammit, I need new fall clothes!

 [ covet! covet! covet! Shoes: OlsenHaus Pic: ]

OH NO! I have some alarming news. Brace yourselves. OK, so back-story: Alex and I have done the SAME thing almost every Friday since we moved onto Brunswick 3 years ago. Our very, very favourite restaurant/take-out joint on the planet, Nataraj, is part of it.  Tonight, they were not answering the phone. I just did some investigating and the lights out and there's a "For Rent" sign in the window. Whhhhhhyyyyyy?!?! I really have no idea what we'll do on Friday nights anymore. I feel lost. We may have to move. Could this be the end of an era? *sniff* I ate Ghazale instead, which was technically good, but I was too bitter to really enjoy it.

 [ I will never be this food-happy again. Ever. ]

So Miss Mistletoe came over last night for some spontaneous midnight snacking/crafting. I was really grateful for the last-minute social interaction. Truthfully, I was getting a little stir-crazy with all of the sewing. I've got a little ad-hoc sweat shop set up in the living room while the Mister is outta town. I'm making goodies for my little pet biz while watching Felicity all over again from the beginning (just starting season 2). 

 [ via ]

M and I also talked until 3am, and started re-watching Freaks and Geeks (one of THE best shows EVER). Yeah, waaaay past my bedtime. But we had a great chat, which culminated in the following conclusion: we are both squares, but happily so. 

Oh and me and my best girls checked out this place last week: Snakes and Lattes, board game cafe! Genius! 

[ That's us, discovering Geoshapes. Too fun! photos by the lovely Ms. Shraya ]

Yes, and there is the subject of my health. My sister told me to call her first, so that she didn't have to find out details of my medical woes via Facebook again. But her phone situation in Costa Rica is sketchy right now. Sorry Jill - here's the update: lung scan OK, still taking a steroid inhaler every day and have a Dr. appt on Friday. No answers yet, but the pain seems to be less intense and less frequent. I think the inhaler is working, meaning that it probably WAS just lung inflammation due to asthma. *whew*

Alex and I have managed to iChat twice a day everyday since he left. I am grateful for the wifi on their tour bus. I'm missing him, of course, but it's actually been really easy this time. I guess we're getting good at being apart. Not that I love it. We're just adapting to this necessary evil.

 [ so cute, right? photo by Mark Cohene ]

The guys play Saskatoon tonight (right now, in fact) and Winnipeg tomorrow. Gawd, I want to be in Winnipeg SO badly. Lots of way-old friends will be there again. *sigh* Apparently Justin Nozuka's girlfriend is along for the ride (jealous!). One day, one day. I suppose when the boys have their own tour bus, i may be able to weasel my way on to it. Hey, if I can get into a Strombo TIFF party, I can do anything, right?

Alex is back Saturday!!! 5 days!! Woo hoo! One of my oldest friends and one of my very favourite people of all time is coming to Toronto this weekend too. She's my date for the Sweet Thing show at the Phoenix, and a party happening later in celebration of the 5-year anniversary of friends' amazing little company. Then Sunday... we'll be married for a WHOLE YEAR! Can't wait for the weekend.

Yeah, so, back to sewing and waiting for a text from my Little Husband on the Prairie.

G'night! xo

p.s. Oh gosh, I keep forgetting Yoko. And really, as simple as this quote may be, it's good advice for me this week: "I'm not going to doubt my life." - Yoko Ono


  1. If you're hard up for Indian food I'd suggest Banjara. It's just on the west side of Christie Pits and it's totally amazing.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. We've tried Banjara. It's just not Nataraj. :( There's also Mt.Everest in our 'hood. Again: not Nataraj. Boo hoo! On the bright side, I won't be eating 3000000-calorie meals as often. :)