Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shout out!

Have I mentioned that I happen to be friends with the amazing minds behind GelaSkins? Through my forever-friend Dawn, I've met her main squeeze and his lovely business partners. Their company happens to be turning FIVE this year! Dawn reminded me that most businesses never make the two-year mark. Gotta say, I'm pretty proud!

Just a little Happy Birthday wish to GelaSkins! Congrats Drew, Jamie and Brian!

Oh, and I was really thrilled to be featured (headless) on the site in a few of the product shots (thanks to the amazing photography of miss Courtney Price):

Aaaaand... one of my favourite photos from our wedding last year (shot by Ms.Dawn herself) was used as the demo on the main page of the "Create Your Own" section of the site! Poke around in this section - it's pretty great! 

Help a wicked Canadian company! Buy a protective skin for your laptop, phone, iPod and even gaming controller!! (Too bad they don't make skins for my Canon Rebel and wide-angle lens.)


[ all images c/o gelaskins.com ]

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