Friday, September 17, 2010


Thank goodness for moms who borrow your apartment and leave large bags of potato chips in your cupboard. Am i right?! Y'know, when you're falling in love with James McEvoy on TV 'cause your husband is outta town? And you need to eat your feelings? We've all been there. Right? 

Just re-watched Penelope (so good) while devouring next day pizza and half a bottle of wine. It's times like these, especially after the day I've had, that I could use my fuzzy husband. But potato chips are a close second. 

Brunch tomorrow with my girls, and then a full week of productivity (hopefully)! I just hope I can drag myself out of my "what's my place in this world" slump (I'm waxing existential). 

I still haven't had the heart to check my camera today, after I (probably) ruined it after dousing it in a bottle of air-freshener. Purse-content-fail. It's just too depressing to fathom at this point. Luckily, I think that my seriously expensive lens is OK. Egad! What a week!

On the bright side, Alex and I had an hour Skype-fest tonight and  he actually had a working webcam. I got a little verklempt when I saw his face. He noticed. I hoped that crappy-web-cam pixelation would cover my teary-ness. Not so.

Off to bed now. Will substitute dog-snuggling for the human variety. Poor things. G'night! XO

(There is literally no point whatsoever in writing this blog. Self-pity? Narcissism? I guess that's what blogs are for anyway, right?)

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  1. the best thing to understand is that good readers like entries like this the best, where it's just you, really you, saying what's what