Friday, August 6, 2010


Graced the Toronto Beer Festival with my presence last night alongside my BlogTO colleague, Lauren. We attended as "Media" and I wore my very first media wrist band (saving it in a shoebox, obvs.)! Yeah, I'm legit! Ooh, and I have new business cards too.

I tried these beers:

Lauren is a food writer and culinary master, so she was most helpful in the choosing process. I like beer, of course, but connoisseur I am not. Thoughts:
  • Armadildo IPA (yes, that's DILDO): Too boozy - a whopping 6.7%, kind of overwhelmed any real flavour
  • Up In Smoke Rauchbier: Like bacon in a glass! Amazing! Liquid smoke, perhaps?
  • Do These Pants Make Me Look Hefe?: Best in name AND taste. Lauren described it as "herbaceous" and we both agreed that there was a Basil aftertaste
  • Sweet Pete's Peach Wheat: (say it five times fast. double-dare you.) What you'd expect from a fruity beer - summery, sweet and light
  • Orange Peel Ale: Not Orange-y enough for my liking, especially since "orange" was in the title. Lauren tried the Skinny Dip, which was quite a bit more citric than this one.

Definitely an educational experience for me, and super fun real-world-connecting with someone I usually only work with in the online world. 

Met Raymi, of contemporary Toronto blog folklore. We have a zillion mutual bests. She exists in person, she really does!

[ this might be #5... and it's not even dark yet. ]

We strolled the rest of the 'fest which was basically an expanse of beer tents, processed meats and dude-dudes (guys in American Eagle Outfitters tees and flip flops who say "bro" alot). Not exactly my idea of a good time.

I tried to lure Alex out on promise of free beer, but he wasn't biting. At least he agreed to do Taste of the Danforth with me tonight.

p.s. we also liked this guy, and wondered what Donna's Dad was doing at Beerfest:

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