Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping (& Bootcamping)

 [ it *looks* artistic, but really it's just me swatting mosquitoes ]


Alex's contract at the Toronto Public Library is up today, and the first wife (Sweet Thing) has nothing on the calendar for next week, so.... we are OFF! This ain't no car camping, babes. This is the real deal: canoeing 2 hours into the wild to our own private island in the middle of Algonquin Park. Ahhh. No traffic, cel phones (eeeep!), blogs (omg.), people (except my favourite of all people), or to-do lists.

Obviously, I'll have a fabulous bikini body for this trip after all of the bootcamping. Oh wait. It doesn't work that fast? I'm all pain, no gain. Payoff should happen soon, hopefully.

Stayed tuned for my post, which should hit BlogTO by Monday/Tuesday. Of course, I'm an oversharer and shameless self-promoter, so you'll hear about it.

Yesterday, while still in full-body-muscle-pain-hell, I attended another Bootcamp class (Urban Playground Fitness) where one of the other lovely students provided a little friendly competition. We had a wall-sit standoff and I lasted 2 whole minutes (best. time. ever.)

Does this mean that I'm actually remotely in shape? I'm sticking it out with Fit Chicks for the rest of the month. I'll post my progress at the end of the session (we did a weigh-in at the first class. eep.) Small worldness: The instructor and I both grew up in Orleans (east-suburban Ottawa).

Fun as it all was (despite the aches and pains and pinched nerves), I am glad to abandon bootcamping for REAL camping for a few days. Maybe all of the chin-ups and tricep dips will help my canoe stroke?

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