Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Please kill me.

For real. I'm in throbbing pain from my head to my feet. Workplace hazard? It's all BlogTO's fault. OK, it's my own fault for asking for these assignments in the first place. Nine days of Spinning was bad enough - this Bootcamp thing is deeeeaaaath. I think office jobs are far less dangerous. I need one. Really, though, the exercise is a good thing. And I could use a drill sergeant in other areas of my life, actually.

[ @ Flirty Girl Fitness ]

My favourite part is the PB-banana-chocolate-espresso smoothies and soaking/reading in a sea salt bath for an hour after it's all over. MMMMM. AHHHH.

I'm avoiding real work for the moment, and flitting about online. Too much e-socializing. 

So, a friend tweeted a Design*Sponge post today; a cute little piece on how to decorate Amelie-style. It seems that this is a regular feature - "Living In: *film title here*". I am especially loving this one - Living In: Fried Green Tomatoes

This is probably because I have a hankering for a little country. Two cottage weekends and one trip to the island this summer were amazing, but just left me wanting MORE! We have a tentative camping week planned, but Sweet Thing business is picking up and it could mean that I get bumped (I have to accept that Sweet Thing is Alex's first wife, and I am merely a lowly concubine).

If if if if I get to go camping, I will LOSE MY MIND if it rains again. We have the worst luck. 

Random photos of outside-fresh-air goodness and all-things-summer in 2010:

[ Island Picnicking ]

[ cottage life is LIFE ]

[ we have grass! (finally) (sort of) and a clothesline! ]

[ 5.99 Ethiopian lunch. Bloody unbelievable. ]

[ docks and patios. of course. ]

Isn't it just so pathetically sad that I need a vacation from my vacation? I can be a really big baby.

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