Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When I grow up.

Meredith, of legit blogness, says that my blogs are like carefully written essays. OK, it's a bit true. I'm going to try to be random and haphazard and throw grammar to the wind this time (P.S. There were a minimum of 5 typos/grammatical atrocities in The Metro today. As usual.) 

I only have a few minutes anyway. I promised Alex "10 more minutes" and I'd be in bed, too. He has to get up at 4AM to do grueling PA work on the set of a Dunkin' Donuts commercial. I can't be interuptin' his beauty (beast) sleep. 

This is the REAL life of a stuggling Canadian musician (I just committed a typo in "struggling"  but I'm LEAVING it. So there).


Finally got around to stopping the madness. The madness: too many digital photos on our desktop. These are some of the best-est from my weekend in Ottawa. Damn, I love these people:

[ Outrage over spending NINE dollars to get into the Lonestar. The things we do for love (and not getting yelled at by Leah :) ]

(if I use these little stars, does it seem less like an essay???)

Back from 4 days at the cottage. So it's not really "the" cottage - that would imply that it's mine somehow. It belongs to a brand new friend, Steph. I can't nurture this new-found friendship in the conventional way (Facebook, of course), so I'm really not sure where I go from here. We know way too much about each other for it to end here. That's what cottages are about. (Aside: I wrote the word "hymen" in the cottage journal but she made me scratch it out. Her 9-year-old cousin and religious grandmother read it, apparently.)

Photos imminent.


Realness: I need a job. Applied to two today that I ACTUALLY wanted. That's a pretty smart tactic, I think. I jazzed up my LinkedIn page again; maybe it's my new Facebook? It should be. Facebook isn't getting me a job anytime soon. (Crap, this is starting to look like a 5 paragraph essay again. At least I'm not forming complete sentences. I should stop.)




Just start a new paragraph way down here. Complete subject change: Sweet Thing. First cut of the C.O.S video should be done tomorrow. I get to see it but you don't. NAH-NAH NAH-NAH NAH-NAH. Oh, and three more radio stations picked up the song - CHUM in Toronto (geez, finally), and two in NB. East coast! What, what.

This is the album cover for the forthcoming full length (I already knew this, of course) but now I can share:

Better, Mere? maybe I can be a real blogster like you when I grow up! ;) Haha!

(p.s. this actually took me 33 minutes, so I lied, and will now have to wake the bear.)

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