Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dress Me Up. In Your Love.

[ In search of the perfect do-it-all cocktail dress... on Etsy! (Pantora) ]

Ooh, on a roll. 2 blogs in two days? I feel like I'm back in the swing of wedding planning, when I faithfully blogged every step of the way. I Do, I Really Do  - sadly, it's now abandoned as I've moved on to Your Yoko

Possibly I should keep it up, though. With all of my friends dropping like flies, I'm still in the middle of wedding fever even though my own biggest-day-ever is almost a year gone.

Speaking of weddings, I have another to attend in early September. My lovely friends Mel and Erick are tying the knot just outside of Ottawa. I have nothing to wear. (Truth: I have many viable dress options.) But I already wore this dress to two weddings:

And this one (left) has more of a fall palette (plus, I get armpit-fat-muffin-top in it now - clearly I am NOT a size 2):

Surely one of my THREE wedding dresses should suffice (two of them are cocktail length), if not for the fact that it's rude to wear white to someone else's wedding:

[ siiiigh. can it be this day forever? THE dress by BCBG Max Azria...hacked apart and re-styled by moi. (photo: Courtney Price) ]

[ dress #1. it looks way better without that horrible belt. But still: it's white. (by: Milly) ]

[ Melissa Sweet dress (white, 3rd from left) was dress #2 ]

So, maybe, despite this being an altogether terrible idea for someone collecting EI, I may invest in a new cocktail number. I started with Etsy, of course. Supporting indie designers just feels soooo good, and eliminates the risk of ending up in People's "Who wore it better?" feature. Y'know, if I was famous and constantly followed by paparazzi. (Someday. Vicariously.)

These are some of the beauts I'm scoping. Must consider: Will I wear it again? Is it versatile? Can I wear it to work (should I ever have a job again)? Is it season-specific? Will it wash/wear well?

[ Super cute! She can make it custom in a zillion colours. Cotton, though... (by: Vee) ]

[ LOVE this. Very work-appropriate, too. Do i really want another black work dress, though? (by: Jo Demontis) ]

[ I love this rockabilly/pin-up look, but wedding appropriate? Too risqué for grandmas? (by: Miss Brache)]

 [ This is the dress I originally wanted to get married in. Could work as a cocktail dress, but I might look as if I'm trying to be a bridesmaid. Maybe for my second marriage. Ha! Alex just *loves* my sense of humour. Right, babe? (by: Sarah Seven) ]

[ Just for fun, and not at all an option, but isn't this just the most romantic dress?! I love this designer. I imagine that she always just starts sewing with no plan and ends up with the wackiest things. Maybe she doesn't.  (by: Ruby Pearl]

 [ I also pretty much love everything about this. Not for a wedding, though. by: Norwegian Wood ]

[ This too. OK, I am way off track now. (by: Pretty Birdie) ]

Looks like I may still be on the hunt. Either way, I am definitely going to try to wear accessories that I already own, and maybe make a pom-pom headband like the one in this post. I have the cuuuuutest shoes that are a tad big. I bought them in Vancouver over 4 years ago but never wear them. I am hoping to doctor them up with some insoles and slip-pads. Picture forthcoming.

Damn, just realized that I ALSO need an outfit for the CD release party on August 18th! I AM the First Lady of Sweet Thing, after all. Tee hee - I might get away with that comment for only so long... Hopefully, I will find a miracle dress that will work for both occasions. 

Geez, my life is SO hard. ;)


  1. I still think the Robin's Egg number is the dreamiest. If you don't buy it, I will (eventually)

  2. exactly - hence the reason it was almost THE dress wedding-wise... but I had this society-induced inner-nag that said I wouldn't be a bride in anything but white. ugh. You can buy it fo-sho! it would look sooooo hot on you.