Friday, April 23, 2010


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Is it just me, or are pom-poms popping up as a trend for spring? It's Alice's fault, I think. Tim Burton films always inspire a little whimsy in my own wardrobe, but I think this film may have caught on a little farther outside of my closet. Or maybe it's the Glee craze (y'know: cheerleaders... pom-poms...). It's a stretch, maybe. Possibly, they were just due - bows and flowers and baubles have had their fair share of the spotlight. 

But however they arrived, pom-pom details are appearing on shoes, hats and headbands everywhere. It's not going to be a blockbuster trend, for sure. Too many of my friends would say "Oh, I couldn't pull that off!". They would be wrong, of course, but I am never effective in convincing people that they can pull whatever they want as long as they wear it with confidence. Within reason. Muffin tops cannot be pulled off with any amount of pep or moxie.

Alexis left the new Anthropologie catalog at my house. Bitch. Damn, I have enough trouble with my secret click-click-click through the website on a near-daily basis. Now I have beautiful tangible pages to flip. And flip and flip. I outwardly gasped when I saw this:

Then, I choked. The price tag? 78 bucks. American. The website quotes me $88 CAD. Um, Hi, aren't we supposed to be at par? Yikes! Nearly a hundred bucks for a raffia pom-pom flower? 

So, in my frugal, resourceful and unemployed mindset, I marched over to Midoco and spent $6 plus tax on coloured raffia which i plan to fashion into a pretty pom-pom headband of my very own. Let's use the term "inspired", rather than "ripped off". They're asking for it. What's the mark-up on that thing!?

If the headband turns out, maybe I'll make myself a pom-pom brooch, too. And little ones for my shoes, since I can't quite shell out a hundred bucks for these either:

I actually have an amazing pair of pom-pom heels that I picked up in Vancouver several years ago. I adore them but they're too big (were my feet just puffy that day?). I've worn them once. So, I hope that some insole action will put them back into rotation.

I'm dying to make things again, too, and excited to have little projects lined up. Off to "work" today, though (one-day office help), and have a real interview in just over a week. Hopefully I'll get this darn contract work done once and for all, with time to spare before working again. Crafts!


And in musical-husband news...

Sweet Thing plays Waterloo tomorrow, but sorry folks - it's a closed campus show. No fear: I saw a revised version of the tour schedule that now lists several northern Ontario dates, including: Sudbury, Thunder Bay and North Bay. It looks like the Prairie leg of the tour is happening around June 2-4... I'd better start checking flights and looking for couches to surf! 

Oooh, and check out a new interview here.


  1. Hi Dayna! Here is where I thought I commented....after the link with the interview.....I was so wondering where the other 2 important other guys were lol! xo

  2. OHHHH Preview then my am I not with it this week! Just saw my name and thought it was posted! Go one and have a good laugh at my expense! Just making sure I was not being a pain sweetie!

  3. Whew! Glad Blogger is not deleting comments after all! The boys opted to send reps - it can get a little crazy interviewing 5 people at once! Plus, Alex is fond of verbal pauses! :)