Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Or has it?

Every time I bounce out into the world sleeveless in bare legs and peep toes and jewel tones, it snows two days later. No kidding. Last week, I went from no tights to wool socks in the span of a few days. What the heck? I'm OK with waiting for Spring, if Mother Nature hasn't shaken her winter bug, but this back-and-forth is making me CRAZY. The joys of global warming. I haven't made the official swap - digging out true summer clothes from the tickle trunk and packing away turtlenecks, wool skirts and drab neutrals. I'm afraid to. 

But still, the brave little plants forge ahead, popping out of the soil with no regard for frost warnings and unseasonal mid-day hail. I snapped these while walking the dogs last week - proof that real (and lasting) Spring is imminent:

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