Friday, July 23, 2010

Gimme some sugar.

The life of a bandwife. What can I say? I suppose I'm not exactly reaping the benefits (yet). Meredith and I had a phone-laugh today over the sadness of Canadian artists, and how all of the ones we know (even those of Juno-winning ilk) are living with their mommas. In Alex's case, it's with his sugar-momma. Or it would be, if I had any sugar. 

Despite amazing response and what's ramping up to be a pretty successful first album for Sweet Thing in my mind, the poor boy has less than the equivalent of next month's rent in his account. Does the structure of the music industry just set up artists to fail? 100% time commitment to the band with zero income? Yikes. I am hoping that some of these amazing TV and film placements will pay up sooner than later. Otherwise, I need to be raking in six figures. And fast.

I had the most valuable conversation (in my whole life!!) about my career path with a lovely recruiter this week. She helped me pull my seventeen-hundred-times-re-edited resume out of the 90s (I've been using relatively the same format as my high-school mall-job CV), and gave me amazing advice. Don't get me wrong - the ultimate goal is self-employment. But, considering the state of our finances and my un-readiness for new-venture-dom at this point, I will undoubtedly be working for the man for another couple of years. I have new-found excitement for it, though. I actually kinda miss office coffee and pencil skirts and file folders.

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I updated my linkedIn profile, like the good grown-up that I should be, and applied to 3 jobs today (don't judge - this took me the better part of the day). Wanna hire me?

As for Alex's "career path", we can be certain that it will be musical. Will it be swimming-pool-full-of-money rockstardom? Maybe not. But good things keep coming. Slowly, slowly. With any luck, he could be MY sugar someday.

Sweet Thing NEWS:

  • The Change of Seasons video is shot! I am way too excited to see it, after Alex shared some amazing stills, and of course a text-message play-by-play while he was in LA. I see that the guys haven't posted any of the stills, but I swiped this one above (Alex's current profile pic)
  • New "syncs" (biz terminology for TV/film music placements) have come across the table, and I think I actually have to keep a secret for once (boo)... not sure I can share just yet. Keep your ears peeled.
  • The CD release (set for August 17th) finally has a party to celebrate it! August 18th at the Mod Club. Be there.
  • The boys are touring with Justin Nozuka (dreeeaaaaamboat, apparently) in the Fall with dates already set for the Western provinces and parts of Ontario. Check out the myspace for details.
  • Easy A promo appearances are popping up on the schedule and I hear the boys will be pretty busy in early August leading up to the big day (except for the first week, when I steal Alex away for 4-days of roughing it).
See? Success potential, right? Either way, I need a job. Regardless, I ALSO need a bloody break from job-searching today and it has come in the form of a spontaneous cottage weekend with M. See ya, city-suckas. ;)

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