Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Self Abuse.

You'd think that Archie (our weird-o Boston Terrier-Beagle) was neglected and abused in our house, because he whines over nothing and his face always has a look of trauma and distress. I think that's just his face. In reality, he is spoiled and coddled and over-loved.

[ woe is he. ]

If anyone is neglected, it's me. OK, so I'm neglecting myself - I can't point the finger anywhere else. Having a lot of time on your hands (read: still jobless) should equate to tons of self-love time in the form of real haircuts, every-day workouts, and me-time. Somehow, it doesn't.

Alex is away for 4 days; he flew to LA with the band this morn to shoot a video for their latest single, Change of Seasons. I'm pretty darn excited about it  - Director Michael Maxxis won an award for this Hot Hot Heat video, and has a super freak-show style that I'm kind of drawn to/repulsed by (in a good way). Tim Burton-esque. Almost. 

[ still from Hot Hot Heat's "21 @12" video ]

I read the video synopsis with Alex last night. Super randomness. But I think it could be pulled off; they are in good hands. Apparently the video may feature farm animals. Yet another reason why I am soooo bummed NOT to be in LA this week. Sheila and I talked about doing a birthday week in California, coinciding with the shoot. We couldn't justify spending upwards of $800 right now, though. Especially since we're both "between jobs". 

I just talked to the Mister, and he had to let me go when the stylists arrived at their hotel. Then he's off to screen Easy A (the soon-to-be-released film featuring Change of Seasons) at Sony Studios. Show biz, I guess. 

So, I'm not Big Pimpin' in Cali this week. Rather than pout about it, I'm making the most of solo/birthday week and doing things for me. Noone can really fix my hair situation (bang-growing-out-fail meets accidental-jet-black-home-haircolouring), but I've planned lunches and martinis and have earmarked time to blog, paint, sew and work out.

[ the bangs are back. *sigh* I have no patience. ]

Oprah says (yes I am quoting daytime telly) that we should be really full of ourselves - spilling over almost - so that we are actually able to give of ourselves to other people. I think that this advice was actually meant for moms, but I'm running with it this week. Justification for selfishness.


p.s. This blog is also neglected, but for good reason: two new BlogTO posts here and here, dashing here and there to see Sweet Thing, plus lots of catch-up time with way-old friends, have been keeping me busy-busy! I'm back, though, with (hopefully) more good band news to come!


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