Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Days!

It's a good week. Yup, it is!

[ pretty offerings at eco|stems ]

Monday: I worked on my 2nd blogTO post, feeling like a real-life reporter as I zig-zagged the city gathering info and quotes and photos to support my article. Since the sun had finally peeked out from its moody seclusion,  I absorbed vitamin-D and shook the last signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (self-diagnosed). THEN, I was recruited for a way awesome position (for which I feel very under-qualified). If my day wasn't already grrrrrrreat, I actually (finally) heard Sweet Thing's single on the radio! Real radio! Kingston's 98.9 The Drive has had Dance Mother is pretty heavy rotation for the past week, but I only heard it with my own two ears that day. Um, perhaps it was due to my request? Is that unethical? The DJ described it as "pretty catchy" and dedicated the song to me. Gulp.

Tuesday: Alex and I screened the 15-minute "making of" video that Morgan edited together from hours of footage that the boys had gathered while recording in LA. It is frickin' amazing! It's a true depiction of the diverse personalities and a humorous back-stage pass to the Sweet Thing recording process. Dare I even call it "heartwarming"? I dare. The video will be available via iTunes as part of an "extras" package, once the album goes live. Oh, and while I didn't get a cameo, there is a clip of Alex talking on the phone. To me! Yeah what-what. Put that in your imdb page and stuff it.
We defied threatening drizzle and headed out to finish taking shots for my blogTO article. Alex provided companionship and umbrella-holding. We indulged in a late sushi lunch in the Beach before I headed off to my Business Accounting class. Oh yeah, it's edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Not really. But it's one little necessary step in Project Be-My-Own-Boss.

 [ lunch that we can't afford ]

Yesterday: The Drive played Dance Mother thrice (at least). Oh yeah, I'm on TOP of this. Trust me. I secured an interview for the position above, and finished the blogTO post. Alex and I pretended it wasn't a Wednesday, partaking in our usual Friday night festivities (Indian take-out and general laziness) because we actually have social plans for the next 3 days. Gasp. I know. 

Today: Yummy mommy coffee with Miss K x2 (the big and little version) at Future Bakery at the very same table where Alex and I stammered through a first date. Awww. The weather is crusty again, and I am making one hundred excuses for not going to the gym and cleaning up dog poop in the backyard. But both are inevitable. That's OK, because we're going to enjoy a big-happy-family-time-jam at Clinton's later. Members of Sweet Thing and Dustin Bentall will perform a mash-up of covers and originals with a little help from their friends.

Can this week get any better? OK, so maybe there were a few valleys among all of the peaks...

It's looking like the tour (or the first leg of it) will be limited to 8 shows, ending in Thunder Bay. Of course, nothing is ever written in stone, and they may add Sault, Sudbury and North Bay to the list. Probably not. Miss T's job situation changed as of today, and she may not actually be able to be the Thelma to my Louise after all. *single tear* I'm still going, though. I also have a shotgun vacancy and am accepting applications. I may just fly out and do the Calgary-Saskatoon-Winnipeg leg instead. It means that I WILL get to visit Medicine Hat (bestie's town) and Portage La Prairie (where I grew up), and see Calgary friends too. Yay!

[ 616 4th Street! Portage La Prairie! via Google Maps street view ]

I'm packing my Little Otsu Tour Diary and Polaroid Camera for the occasion and will post scans of the results when I return. While I am "between" smart phones and no longer have a laptop, I'll have to live with doing things the old-fashioned way. 

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