Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Tour!

Sweet Thing's biggest road trip yet - a Western Canadian promotional tour for their first full-length album - is in the works! So far dates have been confirmed in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and some of Ontario. Tentative dates are also popping up for yet more Northern Ontario shows. So far here are the solid bookings:

  • 27 May - The Queens - Nanaimo, BC
  • 28 May - Lucky Bar - Victoria, BC
  • 29 May - The Media Club - Vancouver, BC
  • 1 Jun - Haven Social Club - Edmonton, AB
  • 2 Jun - Broken City - Calgary, AB
  • 3 Jun - Amigo’s - Saskatoon, SK
  • 4 Jun - Pyramid - Winnipeg, MB
  • 5 Jun - Crocks - Thunder Bay, ON
I have some good news and, of course, some bad news.

Bad news first: the album release date has been pushed back for the umpteenth time! Argh! OK, I know timing is everything, but this is absurd. I suppose I keep telling myself that these are the industry professionals and they should know what they're doing, but sometimes I wonder. Just get the bloody thing out already! Man up! Balls out!

OK, so the bad news actually made the good news possible: The delay means that there's more touring time between the Ontario dates and the official release, meaning, yes - more shows! It looks like the boys may actually make it out to the East coast, too. Don't quote me, obviously, as I am often jumping the gun. Getting my pretty little hopes up, as usual.

So where do I fit in? 

I've been planning a road trip with the Queen of All Road Trips when she signed on to my crazy idea sans hesitation back in March. Of course, in typical Sweet Thing style, the original trip was changed a hundred times and then cancelled. Through no fault of their own, of course. 

Since then, I've been closely watching the cities stack up on this (hopefully) in-the-bag tour. I had imagined a great jaunt across the Prairie provinces (flying west, driving east), but Ms.T and I agreed that maybe just winging it would be more fun. We're driving from Toronto to Winnipeg and back. I made this painstaking trip several times as a child, but I have to imagine that doing it with Tabor (and not my family, who I wanted to murder) will actually be FUN! 

So far, only Winnipeg and Thunder Bay are firm along our route, but i am hoping that the tentative Sault and North Bay shows come through so that we can cut up the driving with nice little musical interludes. I have made couch surfing arrangements with our long-time Winnipeg friends and I know that we have crashing privileges in North Bay. Other than that, we're playing it by ear - something that might have induced aneurysms in me before. I'm learning to lighten up. 

Now that the possibility of maritime dates have opened up, I would love to head East as well. But for a girl who's still without steady work, it may be a challenge.

Oh, and Kingston's K-Rock played Dance Mother this week! Thanks in part to Kim, no doubt!


Ain't no people on old dirt road
No more weather on the old dirt road
It's better than a mudslide, mama, when the dry spell come, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, old dirt road

-Yoko Ono

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  1. you have a farm to stay at in the sault- which you would both lovelovelove... or you can stay at our casa NO WORRIES!!!!
    if that's the case i'll meet you there!!!