Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exhibit A

[This ain't no Cold Case: we go out ]

The above photo is evidence that we leave the house. Occasionally. 

Now that we're unemployed (still), we have little human contact, except with each other. This is why:
A. We are saving money
B. We have a bad reputation for foregoing social interaction in favour of take-out and a rental
C. We're cramming in as much together-time as we can - Alex leaves on tour this Saturday

But, despite our hermit tendencies, we had three outings in a row last week, not including the above (an evening unintentionally spent at Business Women's Special, after shying away from The Boat's line-up for their Chronologic dance party). After that night, Alex vowed to never go dancing again, but I'm sure I'll be able to convince him to reluctantly attend Shake a Tail. Eventually.

So yeah, 3 nights, 3 outings:

Thursday - We supported the endeavours of our friends and attended a happy-time family-jam at Clinton's featuring Dwayne Gretzky (formerly New Twigs) and friends.  It was there that I discovered three unexpected blog readers: Nick's Mom and Dad who read because "Nick doesn't tell us anything", and Max of Arkells fame! Hi guys!

[ music babes: Nick, Max, Owen, Tyler ] 


Friday - "After work" drinks (a concept lost on us now) turned into a multi-venue beer/poutine birthday hop between Victory Cafe, our place and Scotland Yard. Luckily, no cameras were present. 

Saturday - Yes, we do separate at the hip. I attended a friend's Bachelorette/Bachelor party combo at Red Light on Dundas, while Alex scored free tix to see Them Crooked Vultures at the ACC. Apparently, opening (friend)band Arkells played the best set of their lives, and out-shined the headliners. Go boys!

[ bloody hell, i need a haircut. or I could always borrow sheila's bob wig... ]

[ Cathie (bride-to-be) channels Bo Peep ]

Sunday, we got back to business and I've spent the last few days attempting productivity. My 2nd blogTO article was posted and I've started my third. A friend threw me some design work and then a little more (note to self: work on getting design portfolio site up!). Thanks, Jill! My small business courses are going well, but as is typical in con-ed , the skill level of the students is so varied that the classes drag out in an attempt to catch up the weak links. I'm finding myself daydreaming. Even still, it's very inspiring to be thinking of my business in real terms and to bounce ideas. My dream seems all the more tangible each week. I had my interview yesterday. It was once of those things that is impossible to evaluate: did it go well? Or not? I can't really say. I think I may have tanked it. Either way, I am finally approved for EI and I don't need to sweat so much.

In Sweet Thing news, the boys leave Saturday to embark on their Spring semi-cross Canada tour to promote the album (which will now be released at an ever later date: August 17th). Morgan's great album art concept was turned into an interim "Tour EP" that  looks FANTASTIC! It will allow the boys to have something to sell on the road while the actual album waits in the wings. 

I leave the following Sunday to do a little solo road-tripping of my own. Sadly, Miss T is out of the picture, but I will get to see lots of great elementary-school-era friends, plus my bestie!



  1. YEAH for a tour...I too will be in Alberta and Sask first 2 weeks in June, maybe an impromptu concert trip for me!!!!!