Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Forward!

Am I getting ahead of myself? A few warm-ish days and a job interview on Monday, and suddenly I feel entitled to a little Spring shopping? I am ridiculous.

 [ ooh, covet, covet. Anthropologie, you never disappoint ]

But, the Queen of Excuses & Justification (mm hm, official title) in me says, "Hey, but don't I need an interview-appropriate outfit?" and, "Whatever shall I wear to three back-to-back Sweet Thing shows next week?". The answer, obviously, is: my closet. But the change of seasons (da-da da-da... if you were a fan, you'd get it) always leaves me frustrated with my wardrobe. It's only early March but I am already so sick of grey and black, wool and turtlenecks, clunky boots and mittens. 

Perhaps injecting a few spring pieces into the mix couldn't hurt the bank account too much, could it? I just need to be strategic. Like, buying very versatile pieces:

[ one skirt, two ways ]

While scouring the web for great rocker chic threads for my "Dressing The Part" post, I came across a few pretty items that conjure up childhood springtime nostalgia, and make me want to skip rope, blow bubbles, and hunt for Easter eggs. Am I really becoming emotionally invested in clothes? Sheesh. I come by it honestly, though. My mother's cure for a wounded and unemployed ego: retail therapy. She promised me shoes (yup, Mom, that's an offer I won't let you forget).

Here are a few yummy things in my mental shopping cart for this season:

1. A denim shirt. So, it's trendy, and I try not to be swayed. But this time, I can't help but remember my favourite denim shirt circa 1992. The 2010 version is a little more grown up:

[ American Eagle, Current/Elliot ]

2. Colour! But, of course. Bye-bye black and grey. It's time to take a hint from Mother Nature and inject some bold colours and pretty florals into my wardrobe.

 [ clockwise from left: Robert Rodriguez, Dries Van Norten, Anthropologie, Eley Kishimoto, Melissa ]

3. Metallic flats. My Sam Edelman gold croc ballet flats have done me no wrong, but they're not long for this world. Metallic = neutral with a kick. Time to invest in a new pair.

[ J Crew, Loeffer Randall ]

4. Spring work skirts.
My favourite black pencil skirt can only take me so far into the season; I need to find its breezy spring/summer counterpart.

 [ Fearne, Tommy Hilfiger, Top Shop ]
5. Nautical pieces. This may be pushing it. It's nowhere near time to hit the seaside, but we can dream, can't we?
[, Juicy Couture, Forever 21 ]

6. Everyday Bag. Love my Jeanne Lottie cross-body bag, but it's a tad small and too dark and dreary for the sunny months. I'll need to dig deep into my pockets for my next purchase, as I know that buying quality is key when it comes to a great bag. I'll need another cross-body - great for biking and dog-walking because you still have two hands and there's no need to worry about shoulder slipping. I am coveting this Marc Jacobs purse (below, right), but may have to cross my fingers for a sale.

 [ Kate Spade, Coach, March Jacobs (lovelovelove!) ]

7. Weather-appropriate cover. I have already ditched my winter coat in favour of my lovely leather jacket, but I still need a little extra cover for around town (or the office, once I have a job again). My wardrobe could always use a few cheery all-season cardigans. Layer love!

[ clockwise from top left:, Matthew Williamson,, Forever 21 ]


"Imagine the clouds dripping. Dig a hole in your garden to put them in." - Yoko Ono, Spring 1963

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