Monday, March 1, 2010

Dressing the part.

I may be as domestic as they come: I have "granny" hobbies, I love housework, and my favourite "nights out" are nights in. But, spending late nights in bars and music venues just comes with the territory. It's a necessary part of the music biz that both Alex and I could do without. Sweet Thing shows, however, are forced nights out (really out) that I actually tend to enjoy sometimes. I know I'll love the music and there are always plenty of familiar faces; a pretty non-threatening scenario. If I have to spend time in a loud and dark space, these shows are my first pick. 

Plus, of course, they give me an excuse to take one of my many fashion personalities out on the town. I feel this need to play the part, like it's one of my "jobs" as bandwife (along with patience and merch table duties). 

I can't say my current wardrobe is brimming with rocker-chic pieces, but I'm trying. Clearly, now is not the time to be spending money on anything non-essential (read: bread and dog food. yes, that essential), but I am shopping in my head and scouring the web for great indie rock chick style. When I am once again gainfully employed, I can start edging Alex out of our closet once again.

For now the only apparel purchases I can even remotely justify would be interview-appropriate pieces. And even that's a stretch. In the meantime, I've made a mental hypothetical shopping list for great show-worthy duds to pick up. Someday.

Here's my guide to perfect front-row-rock-show fashion:

1. Here's the skinny: A great pair of super-skinny pants can be worn with so many looks, and are a perfect jumping-off point for a fabulous rocker look. I am currently coveting a pair of Danier stretch riding pants with leather detailing.

 [ From left: Eryn Birnie high-waisted pants, Club Monaco skinnies, leggings from Pixie Market ]

2. Inside out. Tops and dresses that look like underwear, but aren't. Ooh, racy! I am loving bustier-anything right now.

 [ metallic bustier from, dress from, Evil Twin cropped bustier top ]

3.  Black leather. Nothing says "don't mess" like it.

 [ tassel bag from, Mod Cloth jacket, skirt from Nasty Gal ]

4. Don't be afraid of colour. Black may be a rock show staple, but adding a splash of bold colour won't hurt your attempt at bad-ass. It only ups the cool factor; it takes guts to pull of look-at-me colours like acid green and ultramarine.

[ clockwise from left: tights from, Matthew Williamson cardi, Forever 21 sateen hair band, Melissa jellies, Alexander McQueen cuff bracelet, Leah shorts ]

5. Serious hardware: studs, chains and industrial zippers. It's bling for the bad girl, but should be used in moderation, and should still be pretty. I have been eying these David Dixon boots since the fall. They're now on sale, and at almost half off, the only thing stopping me is cash flow. My mom promised me some retail therapy when I am home in a few weeks. Fingers crossed - maybe Ottawa still has a size 9 hanging around...
[ clockwise from top left: bracelet from PiperLime, boots by David Dixon, Oh Deer! T-strap pumps, and chain ring by Banana Republic ]

6. Get back! I'm not one for cleavage (um, I don't have it) or showing off too much skin in general, but back-baring tops are super sexy without being trampy. A great flow-y racer-back or one-shoulder top can really polish off a pair of skinnies.

[ racerback tunic from Pixie Market, and One-shoulder top from Nasty Gal ]

7. Cover me, I'm going in. You're not going to lug your bulky jacket around a bar, are you? And the cardigan you love so much? It may drop your rocker cred by a few points. Opt instead for a not-so-Bay-street blazer. Great cuts like "the boyfriend" or cropped, fitted styles provide coverage without detracting from the look.

[ fitted leopard jacket from Nasty Gal, nautical inspired blazer by Club Monaco ]

8. Pin-up style. Rocker chick style a little too edgy? Try a style that's still pretty but with a touch of edge - borrow the pin-up look. Committing to full-on rockabilly style can be demanding; who has time to fashion a pompadour everyday? But, adding pin-up inspired pieces to your wardrobe can achieve great results. Don't forget the red lipstick!

[ clockwise from left: pin-up inspired shorts; cherry pendant at, Miss Clichy booties, Betsey Johnson sunglasses ]

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