Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tim Burton at the MOMA: NYC Part 2

I am all at once inspired and flooded with a feeling of inadequacy. 

I spent a Saturday afternoon in NYC becoming very intimate with one of my favourite directors. But to label him merely "director" is somewhat an insult. He is all at once artist, filmmaker, illustrator, animator, scupltor, story teller, costume designer and genius. OK, maybe he's a little insane and twisted, but what overtly creative person isn't? And, those are some of my favourite personalities.

The exhibit contained works spanning all of his creative abilities, including props and costumes from some of his films (I became a little veklempt when I saw the Edward Scissorhands costume) and illustrations dating back to his childhood. Sadly, Saturday was the worst day to go - I missed many pieces due to the crowds, and couldn't get close enough to others. I highly recommend this exhibit. On a Tuesday.


Despite the crowds, it was one of the best collections I've seen. I am inspired to paint again, although also lacking confidence in my abilities. I think success in art is highly attributable to productivity - if you are always creating and experimenting, you eventually get something right, and you're always improving. My problem is that I am not picking up a brush often enough. Hopefully, a little inspiration (thanks to Mr. Burton) and a lot of time on my hands (thanks to being jobless) will change that.

Photography was prohibited, but I managed to sneak in a few:


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