Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unemployment Survival 101

Day 2 without a job. I have to say that it would be very, very easy for me to slip into a state of laziness: sleeping in, not showering, developing an addiction to Dr. Phil. But, because I know this about myself, I am taking action! I have a plan. Of sorts.

There are a number of items on my daily to-do list that force me to get out, be proactive about job hunting, and stay social. It would be easy for someone to get depressed when your most human of contacts is actually a dog.

 I have decided to start off every day with a good hour or two of job hunting, applying, and following up. Then, the dogs need walking, of course, since we cut out our $600 per month dog walking expense. I am also forcing myself to go to the gym everyday. Why not? I'm paying for it, and I actually have the time. 

After that, housework, errands and working on some contract work that I picked up to tide me over. It's actually quite a lot to cram into each day, but I think I need it. 

I also trying to make plans with friends, too. Today: a Skype date with my bestie (stay-home mommy), and a visit to my friend on mat leave. We could understand each other, I think.

I'm already deviating from my plan. I didn't make the gym yesterday, and I became distracted by housework and blogging this morning during what was earmarked as job hunting time. Oh dear. I may need real structure soon...

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