Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Good News Keeps On Comin'!

Unemployed, Day 4: I can't say that I hate being jobless, it's just a little stressful to think that I only have until May 1st to loaf around. Not that I'm loafing. I haven't watched a stitch of daytime telly, save a few minutes of Dr. Oz interviewing Carnie Wilson. Huh? 

 [ if anyone is loafing, it's Dudley ]
[ he's unemployed now, too. Dudley used to have a job as office mascot ]

But, really, I have been busy! This week, I spent most of my time applying for jobs, doing housework, running errands, and refereeing two unruly terriers. I have also caught up with friends - social interaction (with humans) is helpful. It forces me to take showers and pretty-up for a few hours. Today, I am dedicating the whole day (minus dog walking and this blog) to the contract copy writing work I picked up. 

I am taking a break from job hunting. Why? I can breathe just a little: I have an interview lined up on Monday! It's the job I really, really want: visual merchandising with Pistachio's parent company. It's a leap from what I was doing before (which was predominantly buying) but I have enough relevant experience to get at least an interview. I'm optimistic. I think this is my new path, and maybe, just maybe, getting laid off was the best thing for me. I shouldn't speak too soon. I love retail, and I'm creative, so it's a great fit. I just hope they feel the same way. 

[ merchandising at Pistachio ]
Alex heads out with the boys for their mini southern Ontario tour on Tuesday. I am thankful that he'll be around for moral support on Monday. Hopefully, by the time I catch up with them in Montreal on Thursday, celebratory drinks will be in order!

[ celebratory drinks, my b-day 2008 ]

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