Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Penciled in.

[ alex in California, during the recording of Sweet Thing's album ]

Yes, I'm using a pencil. Well, if I had a paper agenda, I would use a pencil. Over a pen. I was just informed that some "firm" dates have been set! Quotations are necessary; I am, as always, skeptical. The boys haven't blogged or tweeted about it yet, so you're hearing it here first! Ah, bandwife privileges. 

So, here's the news: dates have been set for the single radio debut (April 12th) AND the CD release party (July 6th)! Mark these in your calendars, people. (But, um, it's possible that you'll need an eraser). OK, I shouldn't be so negative, but I have been waiting (im)patiently for soooo long. I get all enthusiastic-like and make plans (remember the defunct road trip idea?) and then I get my itty-bitty heart broken. Over and over.

I know it will happen. But when? When?

So, there's more! Uh-huh. You heard it here. A cross-Canada tour is in the works somewhere between the May long weekend and the CD release. Tabor, let's try this again. I may be working by then (let's hope), but I will be driving through the prairies in June with the top down, one way or another. Oh yes, I will. Firm dates are not yet available, but keep checking in.

Other news that I regret to be sharing late (timeliness is not a virtue of the music industry): "Winter Night" was featured on last Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries! Hm, information that would have been nice to have, um, Wednesday! If you live in the US, you can actually watch the full episode here. Unfortunately it's not available to Canadians. How rude. Don't bother scouring YouTube either; the clip is nowhere to be found. We hope to get a copy from the label.

In other Hollywood news, "Change of Seasons" appeared in an MTV movie last month! Again, info we should have had sooner. The song will also be featured in Easy A, a film coming out at TIFF and in a new Shaun White Snowboarding video game! Still waiting on more info and will post as soon as I have details. 

EP versions of both "Winter Night" and "Change of Seasons" are currently available on iTunes, as is the new single "Dance Mother".

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  1. Thanks to Tiina, Rebecca and Morgan, who all found this Vampire Diaries link when I could not (gee, and I was pretty proud of my Googling prowess):


    Sadly, the song is barely audible. :)