Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day.

 [ c/o once wed ]

Feeling random and distracted. It's the sun. But I can't complain, of course. Although, I'd rather be out there than in here. Typing, typing. 


I have a get-rich-quick plan that may or may not get me rich, and likely won't be quick. BUT, it doesn't involve a 9-to-5 job, and that's all that matters. I'm scheming and crunching numbers. I may not need to apply for EI. I will return shortly with a fully fleshed out plan, but leave me be while my cauldron is stewing... (p.s. Anyone know of a good accountant that specializes in small businesses/freelancers, particularly in the arts?)


Tonight, we have a date. Well, not so much a "date" as a group excursion to a Fashion Week shindig. So Owen will be with us, and maybe a few people from the label. Ah well.  I get to dress up in heels and link arms with my man on the streetcar and see pretty clothes and maybe drink one too many for a Wednesday. That's about as close to a date as I get these days. We're penny pinching, remember? 

(I don't know what to wear. Shopping is out of the question. Blurg.) 

Wish I was gracing the sidelines of a few more runways this week. Kinda bummed about missing Jules Power. Oh, and I'd love to attend the sold out David Dixon show tomorrow, too... anyone have a pass to lend?


Alex's last day at work is tomorrow. I think dual "working from home" will be bad for our marriage. At least while we're still living in an 800-sq.ft apartment with one computer and one bathroom, anyway. I hope he starts work soon. Not that we'll fight. No way. We'll just distract each other, make excuses to stroll in the park, avoid work, not make money, and end up living in a box. Nope, not good for the marriage. At all. I hope he picks up some temping soon; he'll need to squirrel away cash for that long June tour when the boys will be making zilch for their long hours on the road. Poor, poor starving musicians.


Off to the post office to mail income tax documents and Round 1 of wedding thank-yous. It's an excuse for fresh air, really.

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  1. OOh a teaser! Will check back to hear about your master plan!