Wednesday, February 10, 2010



The boys shoot their first real music video today (we won't mention the low-budget "viral" that preceded it). Clearly, my strong arguments didn't win me the case, and I will not be playing the lead female role. However, a glimmer of hope presented itself this week, when the director opted for an open audition on Monday and I anonymously threw myself in the running. The result: small personal victory followed by an awkwardly disastrous outcome. More on that later.

Alex left the house on time for the first morning in months. I guess his perpetual lateness for his day job is a motivation issue. Clearly he's capable of being on time. I anxiously await the day when he says goodbye to the 9-to-5 and is able to give music a real go. He deserves it. Admittedly, I'm jealous, but it'll be definite inspiration for me to find my own "way out". Sweet Thing surely will not serve as my meal ticket anytime soon - they have a few years of hard work to come before it pays off.

So, as my hair straightener heats up in the bathroom, I get ready to head out to my real job. While I am blinded by spreadsheets for the next 8 hours, Alex will be driving pretend cars, falling victim to fake kidnapping, and being subjected to staged Amazonian sacrificial rituals.

I live vicariously, what can I say?

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