Thursday, February 11, 2010

New York, New York


Our lives are not so rock n’ roll. In fact, if touring and performing weren’t integral parts of making it in the biz, Alex would skip it all together. Yesterday, we went out on a work night to catch some music. Gasp! That’s about as R n’ R as we get these days. 

[playing the part]

But last year, when we planned a weekend in New York (Alex’s first), we deliberately “roughed” it to experience the real rock n’ roll New York. Being a musician, Alex was drawn to the boho-artsy Hotel Chelsea. The hotel boasts a long history of famous guests and residents, many of them musical. Bob Dylan composed songs there, Madonna shot photos for her sex book, and Sid Vicious allegedly stabbed to death his girlfriend in one of the hotel’s themed rooms. We decided to stay at the Chelsea, rather than at the swanky-ish places where I stay for work, more for experience than ambiance. We heard they had bed bugs. We took our chances. 

[Hotel Chelsea] 

This was no Thompson LES (my favourite boutique hotel in the Bowery) and there was nary a rain shower nor health club in sight. 

 [my idea of luxury at the Thompson LES]

I wouldn’t recommend the Chelsea for someone who’s picky about sheets, or squeamish about sharing bathrooms, but if you want true culture, it was, well, an experience. Hey, I sleep on the ground. A few times a year, it’s just me and Alex separated from the great outdoors by only a thin piece of canvas. I can handle divey.

 [Hotel Chelsea eye-candy]

I loved seeing a new side of New York, and with the Chelsea conveniently located just north of Soho/Nolita and just south of touristy mid-town/Times Square, Alex had an easy time seeing a lot of Manhattan in just 3 short days, and on foot. We haven’t been back for pleasure since our trip last summer, but I’ve had the chance to stay for work a few times. 

 [we heart NY; beers at McSorley's; to-go coffee on the staten island ferry]
Next Friday, I fly (Porter, of course) to the Big Apple once more. This time, I leave the Mister behind, and it’s pure pleasure, baby! I’m visiting my friend Tabor, who I miss desperately even though our relatively new friendship only existed in the same city for a few short months. Sometimes, you just connect with people. They get you. And she does. 

 [impeccable crafting for my wedding - a girl after my own heart]

New York is where my much cooler (and younger) imaginary alter-ego would live. I can’t say I’d move there now, but New York in your twenties must be fabulous! To have a friend there, though, is the next best thing. I’m staying with her, on her air mattress, in her little apartment near the Upper West Side. New York through the eyes of a New Yorker – totally stoked. Plus, Tabor is a notorious bad influence, so we’ll have fun no matter what the setting. 

 [namesake bagels in Chelsea]

Saturday, while she works, I’m using her MOMA pass to see the Tim Burton exhibit (yet another reason I’ve picked this time of year). Apparently, they have the actual dinosaur-shaped shrub prop from Edward Scissorhands ( OK, I’m a total nerd, because that really, really excites me. 


Otherwise, I don’t have much on the agenda, aside from catching up. If Tabor has her way, "catching up" will involve several bottles of wine. And, um, oh yeah, shopping.

Hopefully, 2010 will bring more pleasure trips to NYC and beyond, as the boys will undoubtedly be touring their album south of the border. With two film placements already secured, they're sure to get a great US following. That means more tag-along travel for me!

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  1. omg you must tell me everything about the TBE..I cant believe I didnt know about it!