Monday, February 8, 2010

I don't have bandwife allies. But, I have friends.

I tend to neglect my friends. Luckily, the condition is usually mutual. We all neglect each other, but we're forgiving. I love that I have friends with whom I can pick up right where we left off, even if that was weeks or months ago. I suppose that those are the only real friendships I have anyway: people who understand that life is busy, and that time and distance don't mean that the love is lost.

[my long-distance friend who lives in the very same city]

I am a homebody. I love life at home: my wonderful husband, my two "babies" (part terror, part terrier), and the cottage-y rental space we've made our own. Puttering and creating and tackling Ms. Fix-it jobs and couch-sinking with Alex keep me happy. It becomes easy to cut off any other social interaction. But when I do pull myself out of my usual weeknight garb (fat pants and stained t-shirt), I love my nights out with my girlfriends. Every time I do, I wonder why I don't more often.

[my family. wouldn't YOU never want to leave the house, too?]

In 2010, I resolve to be more social. I don't get invited out-out much anymore; maybe everyone's tired of the excuses, but I've started the year off with some much-needed catch up with some of my favourite girls, and I hope to keep it up. I'm definitely game for some dancing, karaoke, and good-clean debauchery this year. If Tabor has anything to do with it, I just might!

[tabor causing trouble by the pool]

Truth is, I am kind of afraid of being alone. I like "me" time, but once Alex hits the road for weeks on end, it may be just too much of a good thing. I'm afraid of being friendless due to my own neglect of the other relationships in my life. I need to nurture these friendships now - even though I do have an incredibly understanding posse - because I will need these people (alot) when I am missing my Mister. 

[i need a little bit of this girl, and sometimes i need a lot]

I'd like to think that I am a good friend when the tables are turned. But, in case any of you have forgotten while I have been a bit MIA lately: I am here for you anytime!

Sometimes I wish I had fellow bandwives. Many have come and gone (always after I get attached), but now the other four boys are all single or somewhat single. I pray for one of these girls to stick so that I would have another member in my Lonely Bandwives Club. Secret Handshakes and the like. Wanted: fun, down-to-earth girls to sweep a few a few shaggy musicians off of their feet. In the very least, Ms.S understands my condition.

But I really do have great friends. I'm doing well with catch up so far, but I know that I owe the following people some love (among others):
JN - brunch soon? I didn't call you. Sometimes I suck.
LB - shared baby/dog chaos via Skype?
DL - west-end coffee next week?
CP - I owe you pics. And I need to dish about weddings!
EL - dinner at our place ASAP! Shrimp Tikka Masala!

[i love her in every city, even Helena, MT]

Dinner party already planned with my ex-GBC ladies this week. Also, (pleasure) trips to New York, Ottawa and Montreal are on the books for the next month, too, so I will be spreading the love beyond the GTA.

And the infinite "wisdom"/insane ramblings of Yoko Ono: "Tape the sound of your friend ranting. Bury it in the ground on a snowy day." - Yoko Ono

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