Thursday, February 4, 2010

This one's for my Dad

And in other obscure music news...

So remember how I never read the paper? Well, here I am poking through The Star online (among other things one does out of sheer boredom while deathly ill) and came across this bizarre story:

"Martha and the Muffins release first album in 18 years" -

A few thoughts:

A. Martha and the Muffins were Canadian?! And from Toronto?! But we don't even have a real beach...kind of diminishes the song's appeal. I'd always imagined it written on a coast (and I do not mean the "coast" of Lake Ontario).
B. Speak of the devil, did I not just mention their one-hit-wonderment on one of my latest blogs? See "Bad (Music) Romance"
C. Just checked out their Myspace page. Yikes. Looks like Echo Beach was a serious fluke. Maybe Martha should stick to children's music.

But that's not even the weirdest. Earlier, Alex came across this story:

"Men at Work plagiarized Girl Guides song, court rules" -

Please, people:

A. There is no frickin' WAY these two songs bear any resemblance to one another
B. Even if someone decided there was a loose connection between the flute in Land Down Under and the melody in Kookabura, I don't think it deserves HALF of the royalties.
C. We sang this song in Girl Guides. It's probably one of the worst and most grating songs to listen to, especially when sung by children. The writer is now dead, so I can't fault her, but the opportunistic creeps who now own the rights should be shot. And peed on. (According to the punishment my mother would sentence to most creeps and weirdos)

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