Sunday, December 30, 2012


Oh, awesome.

I have a new hobby. Let's add that to the 598624 other hobbies that end up in labeled Rubbermaid containers in our basement. OK, wait. Really, my hobby du jour is merely a branch of my umbrella hobby: "makin' stuff". Anything that involves getting paint on my clothes or hot glue burns on my hands or a staple through the thumb is my idea of spare-time-awesome. But where is my spare time? What am I DOING with it? (I smell a resolution comin' on.) Clearly I'm not blogging enough. I even worry that my dogs and my husband get neglected. How do people add kids to this mix?

Magic, obvi.

I don't have/make enough time to cut and paste and bedazzle, but I'm getting better with the help of my equally crafty friends. We've been combining socializing (something I won't forfeit for extra time) with sewing and crafting to help encourage each other. 

{ the fruits of my labour and too much day-drinking }

Thanks to these mostly-wholesome get-togethers (OK, there's still booze and raunchy convo topics), I pumped out 2 dresses, a handful of necklaces, a pendant lamp, and a chair over the summer. More than I could (would) do on my own. Whee!

The chair in question was my chosen piece for a 2-day upholstery workshop that I took with Bunce this summer. I've dabbled in some furniture recovering (self-taught, trial-by-error-style as usual) but wanted to really dive into the guts of upholstery.

{ before aaaaaand after! }

I'm kind of in love with every part of it. Pneumatic staplers! Rotary sanders! Upholstery tacks! In 2 days, I took a deflated and stained chair seat and gave it back its confidence. Springs tightened, foam refreshed, webbing reinforced. It's also pretty chic now with a light sanding, fresh coat of varnish, new ikat fabric and a clean row of finishing tacks. It's my new sewing chair. It's divine.

I also started a little footstool – a confusingly small piece that I picked up from a thrift store. Like hobbit-sized. Before and after pics to come!

Bunce, that ambitious little beaver, tackled a bench and two chairs in the same amount of time. They were more straightforward (no guts and springs) but proved to be a major challenge due to immovable stain and grit (this bench once belonged to a fast food chain!)

After the workshop, I asked for a pneumatic stapler and compressor for Christmas. "Santa" was kind enough to oblige! Guess I was on the nice list this year? (A slip-up, for sure.)

No chair, couch or footstool is safe now. Neither are your eyes, BTW; wear goggles at all times, my friends. 

Two chairs rescued roadside will finally get a proper makeover, and I may even tackle our couch this year (it's the victim of two terriers). 

 { Pinterest gems // Jane Hall Designs }
As usual, I've also been stacking my Pinterest boards with inspiration. The total of all of the projects in my Crafts + DIY board would take me into the next century to complete, but the secret to eternal life will be discovered in my lifetime, yeah? I'm counting on it.



For Torontoites looking to learn the craft, I recommend contacting Andrea at RE:Style Studio. Her workshops are self-directed, casual, and really hands-on. 

If you already know your way around a tool belt and a sewing machine, check out this online tutorial via Better Homes and Gardens.

 Also, this handy yardage estimator is a must. See the full chart here.

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