Monday, November 19, 2012

City of Craft!

I'm in! I'm in!

Waited oh-so-patiently and it paid off! I was accepted into City of Craft's holiday show and I'm just so thrilled! I was neglecting my little Etsy shop over the summer. I shelved it to attend to more pressing matters like: patios and brunches and music festivals and mojitos and canoes and picnics and outdoor movies and hammocks, of course. Then I spent early fall recovering from those hardships.

I'm back, puppies.

Now I need to get motivated to cut and sew and design like crazy. Probably I should set aside some weekends, but they're filling up so fast. Yikes. It's only, err, 3 weeks away; that's closer than it seems. And it seems close.

I'm in trouble. Especially because I can't say no to anything

Luckily, I somehow secretly slipped a clause into my marriage contract that basically means hubby must (by law!) cut fabric shapes and iron seams until his hands bleed. Anytime I ask! JK, you guys! OK, it's not a law. It's just a reeeeealllly big debt accumulated over years of band-wifely support. JK?

Stop by and see me December 8th & 9th, won't you? It's one of the best holiday craft shows of the season and I'm so stoked to be a part of it! 

(Aside: can I get away with saying "stoked"? Like, am I too old?)

p.s. Eventually I will need an awesome graphic designer/web-wonderperson to help me revamp and this blog. Barter, anyone? I have to stop pretending that I know what I'm doing. I have other talents. Sewing, I mean, SEWING. Geez. (That's enough out of you.)

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