Monday, October 8, 2012

virgin (tattoo) diaries pt. 4

I'm sick today. 

Delirium is setting in: I'm convinced that this super-cold will be my ultimate demise. Oh, the agony! I'm pretty dramz about being sick. My Mother just spit coffee at her netbook screen (understatement of the year, yeah, Ma?). It's not that I am a wimp when it comes to pain (hello, giant arm tattoo). Mostly, I just can't stand letting go of control. Body aches and sniffles forced us to cancel our big Thanksgiving dinner (this vegetarian was even gonna cook a pork roast!) and abandon all plans to do home improvement-y stuff. Well, now hubby's flying solo on those projects, and the pork has been demoted to the freezer. 

On the upside, I can catch up on some blogging and delve into guilty-pleasure TV. Umm, Breaking Amish and Drop Dead Diva, anyone? I won't apologize. 

So yeah, blogging. Typing actually hurts. Hurts! But, it hurts the core of my being to be a giant lazy blob (I thrive on being busy). And in the spirit of pain, shall I give you the latest in my adventures-in-ink?

(This is officially a saga, by the way. More parts than the goddamn Lord of the Rings.)

My precioussss is two weeks (and four days) old today. Technically it's not flaking or scabby anymore, but there are shiny areas that resemble scars and I'm for sure going to get in trouble for picking. I didn't pick. Well, mostly I didn't.

In less than two weeks, I get it coloured. But wait. I can't imagine loving it anymore than I already do. TRUE LOVE FOREVER! Maybe I'm having cold feet about the colour? Me! I'm flip-flopping, but I'd better decide very soon. This man is highly coveted and I've waited 7 months for my appointment.

If I go colour (which I've always wanted), I can't go back. If I stay black and grey for a while, I can always change my mind. But the design was meant to be coloured - there are parts that seem unfinished. Will that just bug me? Also, Mr. David Glantz is a colour master!

When in doubt: Photoshop, right? I attempted to see what my new tattoo would look like in Technicolor but it resembled a child's colouring book. I won't share the results. Let's just say it wasn't a win for Team Colour. 

Instead, I'll compare some of my faves from my inspiration board on Pinterest and elsewhere in the blogosphere:


Place your bets!

  { Pinterest }

p.s. I'm still conflicted!


  1. I missed the part about you having it coloured. I must have had a senior's moment! In any case, YOU have to decide for you. The tattoo stands on its own the way it is. There's something to be said for "keeping it simple". You've waited a long time for the right design, the right artist and seven months for the appointment. I'd say "live with it" the way it is for awhile and let it tell you whether it needs colour or not.

  2. My vote is colour!

  3. Hattie Watson is another model-with-ink that you might like.

  4. Did you ever get this in color? I'm going to set up a consultation with David for the spring, so excited, he does beautiful work!!!